How To Play Apple Music On Alexa?

In today’s world of the internet, there is a variety of streaming music or audio services that are available to users. The majority of people use the Amazon speaker, such as the Echo. Most likely, the chances are that you use Amazon Music as it is the only default choice set to your speakers. Read the article to know How To Play Apple Music On Alexa?

If, however, you have an account with Apple Music, you can easily be able to connect Apple Music to your Amazon Alexa speaker. The platform is able for playing Apple music through Alexa. Once you’ve connected, you will be able to play unlimited songs through the Apple Music account through any Alexa-enabled device.

Then, you have the opportunity to listen to Apple Music with Alexa. Now, you are able to utilize Amazon’s Alexa Assistant to stream Apple Music via Amazon Echo speakers. Be aware that this feature is only available for Echo devices which implies third-party speakers. All you have to do is to follow these steps and say “Alexa Play Apple Music“.

What do You Need to Know for Listening to Apple Music on Alexa?

To enjoy Apple Music via Alexa this is what you’ll need to know.

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  1. An Amazon Echo speaker. Now Apple Music integration is only accessible for Amazon Echo speakers but not any other third-party speaker that runs Alexa.
  2. This is an Amazon Alexa app. You should install and download this application to either your iOS as well as Android devices.
  3. A valid Apple Music subscription. If you’re not an Apple Music subscriber, you must sign up for Apple Music on your computer, iOS devices, and Android devices.

What is Alexa and How Does it work?

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Alexa can be described as a virtual assistant that was developed by Amazon. Like other assistants such as Siri, Bixby, and Google Assistant Alexa, it will get the task completed for you. From complicated strings to switching on the lights or playing music is a breeze for your burden.

When you speak to Alexa it instantly searches its library inbuilt or browses on the internet. After having browsed billions of pages on the internet it intelligently suggests the most effective solution via its intelligent speakers.

It’s possible to feel like much, but the reality is that everything is completed in a fraction of it. The developers keep pushing this incredible technology to the limits. In recent times there’s been a lot of technological advancements with virtual assistants.

This allows this amazing technological piece of equipment to be an area where you can manage your entire ecosystem. Amazon Alexa allows you to listen to Apple Music directly from your phone. Find more information about How To Play Apple Music On Alexa.

How can I Connect Apple Music to Alexa?

Amazon Alexa makes things easy for users and won’t make a mistake in connecting to multiple platforms. This guide will show you connecting Apple Music to Alexa in just a few steps using a smartphone.

  • Launch the Alexa program on your phone. Launch your primary menu located on the top left corner of the home page.
  • Open your settings in the Alexa Preferences, and tap for the Music.
  • Scroll down the Settings menu until you find the Music and Podcasts option, then click on it.
  • In the list of currently connected services, you’ll see the article Link New Service. Click on it.
  • Find the Apple Music logo and then press to download the services. When the services are available to use, you’ll see an option to allow the use. Select the option. It will provide you with a brief explanation of the sequence of voice commands that you need to perform to enable this feature in Alexa.
  • The last step is to enable Amazon Alexa to use the service by signing in to the website. The page will be redirected to your website once you meet all the required steps in the application.

How To Play Apple Music On Alexa?

Once you’ve completed the process of connecting Apple music to Alexa the next task to complete is to launch Apple Music via Alexa. It’s wonderful to know that Amazon Alexa can play Apple Music easily by using an option to speak for it to start. Follow the instructions below to connect and listen to Apple Music to Alexa.

  • Step 1. The first step is to connect your smartphone to the speaker. Simply place your phone within the range of the device on Amazon to identify the device. You can have Alexa accomplish this by simply a string of commands. Simply say, “Alexa, connect to my smartphone.” As an example, “Alexa, connect to my android phone or iPhone. Whatever device you are using.
  • Step 2. Amazon devices will inform you in a matter of minutes that it is connected. It will usually connect the device however if you encounter any issues, check if the Bluetooth does not connect with any other Bluetooth devices.
  • Step 3. Similar to any other device, you are able to play your music through Bluetooth. After your smartphone device is connected correctly, you can go to Apple Music as well as iTunes. You can play any track you want. Alexa smart speakers can make the original track equal and alter the settings to suit. Therefore, the sound you hear through the speaker may be a little high-pitched and a bit tuned up. Amazon Alexa offers volume control immediately, however, it’s always handy to adjust the volume on your device.
  • step 4: it is possible to disconnect Alexa in the same manner you connect to it. Simply say “Alexa disconnect from (name of the model of your phone) will immediately disconnect. Each time you send an instruction via the device’s smart speaker. The speaker will sound a chime to inform you that the instruction is processed.


Amazon Alexa is an exciting device; however, the average person might encounter certain issues while working with it. We’ve put together the steps on How To Play Apple Music On Alexa? Follow the step-by-step guide for connecting to Apple music and then play the music on Alexa. You can also transfer and play the songs with friends through the Apple Music converter.


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