Can You Listen To Apple Music Offline? (Finally Revealed! 2023)

There is hardly anyone who loves to stream Apple Music. It’s a vast library of millions of songs from different genres and artists. It’s exciting to rock out with Apple Music’s favorite tunes. You can experience Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or CarPlay.

Using mobile data, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily subscribe to Apple Music and continue with your uninterrupted music listening. Well, question is, Can you listen to Apple Music offline? Sometimes, you wish to listen to Apple Music, but you have limited internet access, or you have little mobile data, and your daily MB limit is exhausted; what do you do?

At that time, this thing must arise in your mind if Apple Music also works offline. But now your wish is about to come true. The good news for you is that you can listen to Apple Music anytime, even offline.

However, to get the advantages of listening to Apple Music offline, you’ll have to go through the trouble. But, you don’t need to worry. We are telling you 3 ways to listen to Apple Music offline! Just follow them properly, and you will get good results.

3 Ways on How to Listen to Apple Music Offline

#Subscribe and Listen to Apple Music Offline

You can download and listen to Apple Music. To perform the downloading process of Apple Music, you should first add Apple Music tracks and then go for downloading. Here we are presenting step-by-step downloading processing of Apple Music,

  • Step 1: Open the Apple Music Application on your iPhone or iPad
  • Step 2: Tap and hold a song or playlist that you wish to listen to offline. Next, click on the Add to Library button.
  • Step 3: The track will successfully be added to your library. Now, click on the download button. Your selected songs will be downloaded, and you can listen to them offline mode wherever you want.

To be sure about downloading, or viewing downloaded offline songs in Apple Music, just click on the library in the Music Application, and select downloaded music from the top menu.

#Pay and Listen to Apple Music Offline

You can purchase some songs and listen to Apple Music in offline mode. If you’re not an Apple Music subscriber but want to enjoy Apple Music offline, there’s one solution. You need to pay to purchase songs from the iTunes Store app and then download your paid songs. Enjoy your purchased songs offline anytime.

#Apple Music Offline without Subscription

The first solution for how to listen to Apple Music offline is to subscribe to the Apple Music App and download the songs. The second is that you don’t need a subscription to Apple Music, but you do have to pay for each track to listen to Apple Music offline.

The third option is that you can listen to Apple Music without a subscription. And you can listen to downloaded Apple Music songs only on authorized devices, like iPhones or iPad. But, you won’t get the advantage of enjoying downloaded songs on any unauthorized device, like an Android phone.


I hope now you have got the solution to the question, Can you listen To Apple Music offline? The three methods mentioned above effectively enjoy Apple Music in offline mode. So, take any three methods, and listen to your favorite music offline.


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