Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off? (Answered)

Your JBL  speaker keeps turning off either due to hardware or software problems. If the speaker lacks sufficient charge, then it can automatically shut down, or if the circuit board is faulty, battery damaged, or if you are trying to connect the speaker with an incompatible device.

Also, if you are using outdated software, then it can switch off automatically. Other than this, overheating, corrupted charging logic, outdated firmware, and auto stand-by mode can also trigger this problem.

However, in most cases, it can be easily fixed. You can restart your JBL speaker to start with the troubleshooting. So, press and hold down the Volume Up as well as the Play button for 5 seconds. Alternative to the Play button, you can also press the Bluetooth button. Based on the model of the JBL speaker you are using, the reset method tends to vary. You might have to press and hold on the Volume button and the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds or press and hold on the Power button and the Play/Pause button for 20 seconds. Alternatively, you can also press and hold down the Mute button for 30 seconds.

If resetting the speaker is not enough, then let’s get to know about the methods that can help you to keep your JBL speaker on while you are using it.

7 Ways to Fix JBL Speaker that keeps turning off

While you are using the JBL speaker, you might see the device suddenly cut out and turn off. It might again turn on, and this continues to happen recurrently. So, here we are with 7 easy and quick methods to help you fix the problem.

Is your JBL speaker fully charged?

This is the most basic thing that you must keep in mind while you are using the speaker. If the speaker’s charger has been drained due to continuous usage, then it will turn off automatically. So, you must connect the cable of the speaker to the power outlet and charge it to the fullest. Try not to use the JBL speaker while it is still charging.

You will find a red light blinking while it is charging, and when the light turns green and becomes stable, it is a clear indication that the charger has been fully charged. Now, try to connect the speaker to the source device and play a song.

Repair the charging cable or charging port 

If dust and dirt keep accumulating in the charging port, then your JBL speaker won’t be able to charge to 100%. This leads to the draining of power instantly, and the speaker turns off. So, you need to double-check whether the charging port is functional, and also, the cables should not fray. In case the cables are damaged, then replace them with certified ones immediately.

Reboot the speaker 

If a minor technical bug has been creating this problem, then you can reboot the speaker. To proceed – you have to completely drain the charge of the speaker. Now, charge it again and try to use it. If your speaker already has a low battery, then you can press and hold on to the power button after turning it off for at least 60 seconds. This would drain out the excess charge left in the speaker. Next, try connecting to the power outlet, charge the speaker to 100%, and use it to play any music track.

Update the speaker’s firmware

Random technical glitches can occur from time to time, which can be eliminated by updating the speaker’s firmware every now and then. JBL software developers release the latest firmware to eradicate the bug. So, either you can use the JBL Connect app to update the firmware or use your laptop to continue.

To use the JBL Connect app, you have to download it either on your Android or your iOS device. It’s completely free to download, then install it and log in with your credentials. You have to follow the on-screen prompts to update the speakers. Try not to restrict the process, and when it is done, restart the speaker and connect it to the source device to test whether the speaker is working perfectly.

Is the JBL speaker overheating?

If the JBL speaker is running for more than 3 hours, then it can get overheated, which would restrict it from running any further. Also, if the speaker is not placed in a well-ventilated area, then it can overheat within a short span of time. So, try to turn off the speaker and allow it to cool down for at least 2 to 3 hours. Also, while you are playing the speaker for long hours, maintain a well-vented latest space without any restrictions.

Why is the JBL speaker not responsive?

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and still the JBL speaker is unable to turn on, then look for indications of whether the LED is glowing. If it is not, then the battery of the speaker might be dead, and you must replace it. Alternatively, the circuit board might also get damaged, and you need to talk to a technician to either replace or repair the circuit board.

Why does the JBL speaker keep on turning on and off?

If your JBL speaker keeps turning off and on, then it is a software glitch. All you have to do is reset the JBL speaker by holding down the power button and the Bluetooth or Play button for at least 30 seconds. Now, turn on the speaker and connect it to the source device to check whether the speaker is working perfectly.

How to restart JBL Xtreme speakers?

If you want to restart JBL Xtreme speakers, then you have to press and hold the Volume Up and Play buttons for at least 10 seconds. The device will automatically shut down and restart.

Does the JBL speaker have a Bluetooth connectivity issue?

Yes, if the JBL keeps turning off and on continuously, then the Bluetooth speaker can also face Bluetooth connectivity issues. It fails to connect to the Bluetooth source device and suddenly turns off. In this case, you have to turn off the speaker, wait for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on. Now, go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and turn on the Bluetooth mode.  For the JBL speaker, press down the Bluetooth button of the speaker to enable the Pairing mode. Now, wait for a few seconds, and the devices will get linked up automatically. Also, try to maintain the Bluetooth range while you are connecting them.

How can you prevent the JBL speaker from turning off?

To prevent the JBL speaker from turning off, you have to keep it charged 100% before you start using it. Also, try to use JBL speaker models that provide long-lasting runtime or more than 24 hours of usage time. If you think the bad battery or cable is the root cause of the problem, then try to get a compatible replacement.

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