How to Split RCA for Multiple Amps Without Losing Sound Quality?

You can split RCA for multiple Amps and send audio signals to front and rear speakers through simple and easy steps. However, you might face a little problem while you are trying to send one signal from the head unit to multiple amps.

Do not panic, there are many ways that you can apply for splitting RCA:  Use RCA splitter cables, opt for the Daisy Chain Connection, or use a Line Output Converter (LOC).

Let’s dive straight to the steps on how you can apply these methods for splitting RCA.

3 Methods to Split RCA for Multiple Amps

When you get used to the adapter, splitting RCA for multiple amps. You need the right configuration and steps to proceed.

Method 1: Connecting two cables with one RCA Jack

Using an RCA splitter can help you to get good sound qualities if you are working through this method of using RCA splitter cables for multiple amps. Based on the quality of the splitter, you will get to experience the quality of sound or audio output. 

So, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to the first amp and unplug all the RA connections. Now, plug in the white RCA into the female end of 1 splitter, and on the different female socket plug in the red RCA for a different splitter. 
  • Connect the first set of RCA from the first splitter to the first amp and the second set of RCA should be connected to the second amp.
  • This will help you to generate several connections but always remember to strictly maintain the colour coding to avoid the wiring problem or confusion. 

Moreover, when you are using an RCA splitter it won’t affect the total voltage of the signal which is entering the amp. So, there won’t be much effect on the overall sound quality. Also, here you need to connect RCA splitters with one male and two female configuration

Method 2: Using the Daisy chain connection 

Daisy chain is a term that refers to a system of wiring where more than two devices are arranged to form a sequence. Here are the steps you need to follow to prepare a Daisy chain connection when splitting RCA for multiple amps.

  • You need to create a new connection by getting a male to 2 female Y splitter. 
  • Now, the male end of the Y splitter is connected to the output on one amp and the second end of the cable is connected to the input of the second amp. 
  • You have to carry forward with the same connection if you want two or more amps.

Using a Daisy chain connection can help to reduce the amount of cabling as you have to make the arrangement in series. This also leaves space for enough components and you also get faster data transmission between two amps. Moreover, the process is also quite economical as you need shorter cables rather than longer ones, so there is no waste of cables.

However, the only disadvantage that you might face is due to an increased number of nodes you might experience a slow operation within the connection.

Method 3: Using a  Line Output Converter (LOC)

You can also use Line Output Converter (LOC) for splitting audio signals into amps. LOC is a device that you can use to convert speaker-level output signals into RCA preamp signals. This can help to increase the number of RCA jacks that are used for connecting multiple amps. 

With the help of LOC, you get high-voltage resistors and a standard transformer producing high-power signals with factory amps with the help of LOC. You can adjust the number of RCA jacks to stereos. So, you have to connect the head unit output with the LOC and the LOC output will get more number of RCA jacks. Now, using the RCA cables, the signal is transported from LOC to the amps.

Will splitting RCA for multiple amps degrade the audio quality?

Yes, splitting amps can degrade the audio quality as it divides the power among the shared amps. So, you might experience a little drop in quality. Thus, it is advised to use a line output converter.

Why are RCA cables and splitters required?

RCA cables are used for connecting audio and video devices. You have seen them being used in cars to transfer signals from the head unit to the amplifier and from the external input device to the amplifier. RCA splitters for amps create a division input signal and for all the output connectors there are mainly two types of splits: 1 male to 2 female connection and 1 female to 2 male connection.

Which is the best way to split RCA for multiple amps?

Using a Line Output Converter (LOC) is considered to be the best choice while connecting to amplifiers. However, if you are willing to connect 3 amplifiers, then use splitter cables.

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