How to Clean iPhone Speaker Slot and Boost Sound Quality? (Easy Steps)

If you want to hear the best audio quality from your iPhone speakers, then you need to keep them clean. No matter what iPhone model, you need to clean the iPhone speakers slot without damaging them. 

To clean the iPhone speakers, you need to turn off the phone completely, then place it on a clean table, take a soft bristle toothbrush and brush out the debris from the speaker slot. You can also dip the toothbrush into the rubbing alcohol and then lightly rub it over the speakers. Next, use a microfiber cloth and wipe off the liquid to dry the speakers. Now, using compressed air from a distance, blow the air into the speakers so that it can get rid of the stubborn debris. Next, keep the speaker idle for around 20 minutes, turn on the speaker and start using the phone again.

If you are looking forward to a more step-by-step process on maintaining a clean iPhone speaker slot, then follow our DIY hacks.

Clean the Dust from the iPhone speakers slot

Irrespective of the model of speaker you are using, you need a soft bristle brush for the cleaning method. Also, to carry out the cleaning process, you need a clean table.

Step 1

Turn off the phone completely so that you don’t risk damaging the speakers permanently. If the phone is on and the internal parts get wet, then it can affect its functioning. Though the iPhone has waterproofing technology, but that also has its limitations.

Step 2

Gather the materials and cleaning solutions that you need to clean the iPhone speakers, and the list includes a microfiber towel, one cleaning solution, compressed air, a small amount of rubbing alcohol, cleaning gel and a toothbrush.

Step 3

Take a soft bristle brush and clean the speaker slot and try not to put too much pressure on them. Check that the bristles should not get detached. Next, take a dry microfiber cloth and run it over the speakers. Next, dip the toothbrush into the rubbing alcohol and continue with the same process to clean the speakers. Again take another microfiber cloth and wipe the liquid so that the speakers can dry off quickly.

Step 4

If you find stubborn dust or debris, then you need to use compressed air. Keep it at a safe distance, and then blow the air across the speaker holes. This will bring out the stuck debris. You need to continue this process for all the speaker holes.

Remember, while you are using compressed air, you should hold it upright and blow directly into the speaker’s hole. Also, keep it at a safe distance to prevent moisture from entering the speaker holes.

Step 5

If you are ready to clean the speaker grill, then you need the cleaning gel. Take the cleaning gel in an appropriate amount and push it against the iPhone speaker grill. Now, remove the cleaning gel using a toothbrush. You can also scrub the area gently. Finally, dry down the area with a cloth to get a clean speaker.

Remember, you must not substitute the cleaning gel with any play dough. Rather, you can also use cleaning putty. Do not push the cleaning putty too hard into the speaker grill, just apply gently and then pull it out.

Step 6 

Power on the phone after the cleaning process is done. You need to keep it waiting for at least 30 minutes after the cleaning before you turn it on. Now, test the speakers and check whether there has been an improvement in the sound quality.

Remember, you must always check whether the speaker is dry before you turn it on otherwise, the internal parts can get damaged due to moisture or water. Often, these damages are permanent and irrecoverable, so be very careful.

How to clean water from the iPhone speakers slot?

To clean the iPhone speakers slot, you need to follow a different method rather than the one mentioned above in case of water spilling. The above process includes dry dust, but here you need to deal with water and moisture.

  • Collect the cleaning items, such as a clean, dry table and a space where there is not too much humidity. You also need a microfiber cloth for the cleaning process.
  • You need to turn off the phone immediately if it is wet. This would prevent further damage and also keep the iPhone operational.
  • Now, hold it upright, i.e., side up completely while holding the phone. You must allow the water to drip outside the phone.
  • Next, place the phone in a dry and clean microfiber cloth, away from the humidity, so that the phone does not take more time to dry.
  • Now, put the phone on another microfiber cloth so that the rest of the water can find its way out. You must give the iPhone speaker slot at least 24 to 48 hours to dry.

Remember, do not use any hair dryer or heating tools to dry up the water from iPhone speakers as it has the probability of putting the water far deep into the phone, causing major damage.

Is it necessary to clean iPhone speakers?

Yes, it is necessary to clean iPhone speakers as, with time, dust and dirt get accumulated, which affects the audio listening experience. Also, when you are holding the phone in your hand or using it for calling, then due to dust can lead to irritation of the skin or allergies in your hand and wrist. So, try to clean the phone at least once every week to keep the speaker grills free from dust buildup. Also, it will help to avoid any speaker damage or parts replacement.

What parts of the iPhone speakers do you need to be careful about while cleaning?

While you are cleaning the iPhone, you need to be very careful about the front camera lens and the speaker grill. Also, try not to put up any scratches on the glass while you are wiping down the dust.

Can you use tape to clean the iPhone speakers?

Yes, tapes are also good cleaning tools. It is a good hack or an alternative for DIY cleaning putty. So, you need to peel out some tape, and the sticky area should be placed on the iPhone speakers so that the tape can get into the hole. You might have to push down the tape and then peel it out. If you find the hole to be too small, then you can roll up the tape and stick it inside the speaker hole. You can also clean the charging port by this method, and tapes are indeed quite handy for cleaning spaces that are hard to reach.

Can you use a toothpick to clean the iPhone speakers?

Yes, you can also use a toothpick to clean the iPhone speakers slot but try not to damage the sensitive path of the phone. You can use a wooden toothpick rather than a metal one. Use the toothpick to scrape away the build-up from the speaker, then blow air into the speaker to remove the loose dust. You can also use a brush or microfibre cloths to remove the cake-on dirt.

What are the possible cleaning tools that can help to remove the dust from the iPhone?

You can use cleaning gel, compressed air, tape, toothpick, brush, cotton swab, or cleaning cloth or purchase a cleaning kit if you are willing to clean your iPhone all by yourself.

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