How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To MacBook? [Guide 2023]

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your Mac is a simple process that involves putting the speaker into pairing mode and accessing your Mac’s Bluetooth menu. Once the speaker is connected, any sound from your Mac will play through the speaker. 

Disconnecting your Mac from the speaker is also a straightforward process. Using this guide, I’ll explain how to connect and disconnect your Mac from a Bluetooth speaker.

Let’s talk in detail on how to connect a bluetooth speaker to a MacBook?

Put Your Speaker Into Pairing Mode

Before you can connect your Mac to a Bluetooth speaker, you need to make sure that the speaker can be found by other devices. To do this, you need to put the speaker into “pairing mode.” Depending on the speaker, this can be done by flipping a switch or pressing a button. 

Some speakers may require a few more steps, such as entering a specific code or password. For example, if you’re using an Amazon Echo speaker, you’ll need to sign in to your Amazon account to make it searchable.

Access Your Mac’s Bluetooth Menu

Once your speaker is in pairing mode, the next step is to access your Mac’s Bluetooth menu. To accomplish this task on your Mac, locate the Apple logo in the upper-left hand corner of the screen and click on it. Next, select “System Preferences.”

Click On The Bluetooth Logo

In the System Preferences menu, click on the Bluetooth logo, which is located in the third row. This will open your Mac’s Bluetooth menu.

Connect Your Speaker To Your Mac

Your speaker should be listed under “Devices” in the Bluetooth menu. If you do not see your speaker listed, double-check to make sure it is still in pairing mode. Once you find your speaker, double-click on its name, or right-click and select “Connect.”

Accept The Connection

Your Mac may ask you to accept the connection to your speaker. If this happens, simply click on “Accept.”

Test Your Connection

Once your Mac and your speaker are paired, any sound from your Mac will come through your Bluetooth speaker. Test the connection by playing some music or watching a video.

Disconnect Your Mac From Your Speaker

If you want to disconnect your Mac from your speaker, you will need to return to the Bluetooth menu and right-click on the speaker. After that, select the “Disconnect” option.

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