Do Both Speakers Work on iPhone 7? (Discover the Truth 2023)

Yes, both of the speakers on the iPhone 7 work perfectly and are enough to provide your enhanced sound experience. 

Apple has brought a new iPhone 7 with two speakers to support stereo audio playback. 

Previously, you might have noticed multiple cameras, but the multiple speaker features are enough to surprise the user. 

However, you might still be asking – Do both speakers work on iPhone 7? Because you might not be able to locate/identify them. You can find two speakers on the iPhone 7 – one at the bottom and one at the top.

If you compare the credibility of the speaker with other models, then iPhone 7 is much louder. But, if you do not know where both speakers are situated, then you might get confused and think that only one speaker is working.

If there is any technical fault, then also one speaker can stop working. In that case, you need to follow the steps and make both speakers work on your iPhone.

How to Make Both Speakers Work on iPhone 7?

Often, iPhone users do not understand that just near the microphone is the other speaker, which is placed in such a way that it can save space and provide louder music. So, let’s get to the step and know how both speakers work on an iPhone.

Step One

Press the Volume button on the phone and turn it up to the highest level. You will find the button on the side of the phone. Try to play music or start a conversation where you can hear the audio through the speaker of the phone. If you find that the sound is not enough, then you need to free the dust and debris that might be stuck in the speaker of the iPhone.

Step Two

 Take any object that has a sharp edge or one with a fine tip. Now, turn the phone upside down and try to find the speaker that is located at the bottom of the phone. Try to exactly locate the speaker instead of the microphone. They both might look alike, but usually, the microphone is on the right side, and the speaker is located on the left side.

Step Three

Now, take the pin and insert it into the speaker (located at the bottom) and try to play music on the iPhone, and see if you can hear the sound at its maximum. If the sound is still not good enough, then insert the pin and move it around for a few seconds, then start playing the music. When you place the pin into the speaker, the tiny plastic gets punctured, which is actually covering the speaker, and thus, you can hear more sound.

Step Four

You must stop moving the pin if you have achieved the highest volume level. Now, after “Step three”, you must have amplified the sound to at least 40%. However, you must only proceed with this step if you are comfortable with the loud sound because after you have maximized the sound, it cannot be reverted.

Does the iPhone 7 have Stereo Speakers?

Yes, iPhone 7, as well as iPhone 7 Plus, has 2 full stereo audio playback. This has been incorporated so that you can enjoy music and experience a dynamic range of sound quality. Other than this, if you turn the phone into landscape orientation, it will automatically flip to the left and right audio channels. 

How to Turn Up the Volume All the Way Up?

If you want to turn up the iPhone Volume to its maximum, then there are 2 processes:

Process 1: Go to Settings > App > Sound and haptics > Use Ringer and Alerts sliders and turn to its maximum.

Process 2: You can use Siri to turn up the volume by pressing the Home button until Siri appears,  or you can also say, “Hey, Siri”. Now, to turn up the Volume button, say, “Turn up the volume”.

Is Your iPhone Volume Still Low?

If, after trying all the hacks, your phone still has a soft or dim volume, then the speakers might be damaged, and you need to take it to the service center. If the iPhone 7 is still within the guarantee period, then you can get it replaced or repaired.

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