What is a DFX Movie Theater? Is It Better Than IMAX?

DFX Movie Theatre is a premium version of the movie format that comes from the House of Galaxy Theatre. DFX stands for Digital Film Effects which screen movies that have a lot of special effects and are usually big budget, such as the Lord of the Rings, Avatar, etc. This chain of theater has its origin in Canada and has become a viewer’s choice in Northern America and also across the globe.

They are mostly known for the sound which feels coming throughout the passage and also from every direction. The most important criterion is that these are a part of the Dolby Atmos sound system which is known to be one of the best in the modern format of today’s theater market. They haven’t clearly mentioned the features of their auditorium which are meant to provide the views with the 3 dimensional experience. You can find a reclining lounge which makes watching a movie comforting and also the seats have a wide accommodating feature which raises the ticket price. 

If we talk about the visual experience, then the auditorium is quite cozy and powered by Barco’s latest smart laser projector system. You can experience immersive sound and dual laser power projectors.

But, if you are still thinking about whether it is worth spending money on DFX movies, then let’s get to know how it differs from Digital and IMAX.

Best Features of the DFX Movie Theater

Here you get D-Box seats that vibrate in sync with the film. Thus, you get an exclusive experience of audio and visual effects. Here you get a 70 by 40 foot curved screen with Dolby Atmos. Moreover, a single movie theater can accumulate 200 seats and be packed with a range of high-end technology. Here the screen is 1920 x 1080 screen and has comfy seats that match every event and theme. It uses digital projection technology that creates sharper images and a wide range of colors and brightness. The Dolby Atmos surround sound system is a pure definition of a high-quality audio system. The DFX Movie Theatre sound system justifies the price of the tickets.

Which is better DFX vs Digital?

A Digital theater refers to a standard movie theater and on the other hand the DFX Movie is a more premium version and the comparison is miles apart. It is an updated version of Digital where you get audio and visual experience for just paying an additional $ 3. Most of the viewers who have been to both Digital and DFX auditoriums, prefer DFX due to its comfortable reclining chairs. In Digital, there is a lack of individual space which does not permit them to enjoy the movie fully. On the other hand, DFX has a more cozy seating arrangement and you get a guaranteed high-end experience when you buy a ticket. The dual laser-powered projectors of DFX theaters offer the best sound system with Dolby Atmos and you get to enjoy your visual clarity and immersive sound output.

Which is better: DFX vs IMAX?

DFX has not revealed much about your auditorium or features whereas IMAX has a great marketing strategy. So, it creates a big problem in creating a difference between the screen, experience, and audio. 

However, the IMAX has about 40% larger screen than the DFX and also has a taller aspect ratio. IMAX definitely offers a spectacular visual experience but DFX Movies has the best surround audio quality. Thus, you do not feel resistant while watching any action-packed movie. Also, the surround sound capabilities of DFX make it way better than the IMAX competitors.

If we talk about the ticket value, then for IMAX an adult ticket is $19.69 whereas DFX has $ 15.25 priced tickets. But, if you must look at the end product, then DFX comes out to be a winner. 

When the seating arrangement is compared, IMAX has better seats than DFX. So, you get a better height and foot space without any discomfort and a more accommodating seat. Thus, DFX comes at a cheaper rate, with better focus, better audio, and immersive sound quality.

On the other hand, in terms of reputation, IMAX provides you with a better resolution and image quality. So, based on your preference and the type of movie that you are going to watch you should choose between the theater format.

Which is better: Digital or IMAX?

IMAX theater format is already known for Sony’s 4K digital cinema models which are RealID 3D projectors. It also has laser-powered lenses to project 3D visuals. Thus, you can get four times the resolution of HD 1080p. On the other hand, a Digital theater offers a system that has the identical resolution as full HD. So, it is completely your choice which theater format you are going to pick based on the movie.

Is it worth buying DFX movie tickets?

Yes, with an impressive visual and audio format, DFX movie theaters offer a comforting movie viewing experience. With all the high-end facilities provided by this chain of theater groups, paying a little extra price than the traditional theaters seems to be fair enough.

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