What Is the Best Seat in an IMAX Theater? [Revealed 2023]

Choosing the best seat in the IMAX theater can be daunting, but it will provide you with the best experience of watching any movie. 

Usually, the best seats are found in the center of any theater but in the case of IMAX, there are plenty of other factors that decide which seat will be best for you. 

Based on the public review, the middle seats, which are four to five rows from the back, are the best seats in an IMAX theater. You will find yourself in the center both from the vertical as well as the horizontal side.

To understand which seat will provide you with the best experience you have to understand how IMAX theaters are different from the other ones. 

Let’s dive into this detailed guide about the best seats in an IMAX theater.

What is so special about an IMAX theater?

IMAX theaters have become a craze in recent years as the name implies “Image MAXimum”. It provides you with a bigger cinema theater than an average one. If you compare, then it will be 40% larger than any ordinary cinema screen. So, if you view any movie on this large screen you get a clear definition image. 

You will also find that these screens have increased keystone distortion in certain places. Basically, Keystone distortion or the keystone effect is a phenomenon that occurs while projecting an image onto the angles theater screen surface. Now, due to this effect, the image will appear to be flat.

However, even after keystone correction, there are certain angles where you can find keystone distortion in the pictures. So, you have to choose a seat that will minimize the keystone effect while you are viewing the movie.

Factors you have to keep in mind while choosing IMAX seats

Other than the keystone distortion effect, there are other factors as well, which decide the best seats in the IMAX theater.

3D projections

The way you want to experience a 3D movie not only depends on the seat that you were choosing but also on your likeness and unlikeness over 3D movies. The viewing experience depends on how the 3D projections are working. If you want to enjoy any 3D movie, the seats, 2 rows back from the center, would be the best choice.

Sound system

You cannot ignore the audio effect when you are watching a blockbuster movie. IMAX provides you with high-quality soundscapes. Here you will find 12 channels that help the sound to come from different directions rather than from behind the screen. There are 7 channels around the theater and 5 above the theater, unlike the Dolby Atmos present in other theaters.

Accessibility and comfort 

If you are also looking for accessibility and comfort while choosing an IMAX seat, then every seat has sufficient space and is also located strategically so that every viewer can get the best experience. Here you can get high-back rocker seats with liftable armrests and every seat has a Plush. Moreover, there are some seats that also have luxury recliners and if you are watching any movie for long hours then you must consider these seats.

Where should you book your seat in an IMAX theater?

You have to choose whether you want to sit closer to the screen or far away from the screen. If you are watching a 3D movie, then it will have more depth when compared to while you are sitting at the back of the theater. It will also appear to be further away from you.

However, if you are sitting close to the screen, then the 3D photos will appear closer to you, but they will also lose depth. Moreover, if you are sitting close to the screen you will also find that the image will fill up more of the viewing area because the IMAX screens are quite large and they will also increase the immersion effect. 

However, here you would find a major drawback because you do not have peripheral vision so in case you are sitting too close to the screen you won’t be able to see the entire image projected on the IMAX screen. It is indeed quite discomforting and you have to move your neck side to side or tilt your head upwards to view the entire screen. Also, the screens are positioned at a higher level when compared to the seat. So, if all this sounds uncomfortable, then you can avoid the front seats of the front rows.

Can you choose lateral positioning?

IMAX theater is more into the experience with a better sound quality and seating position. But, in these aspects, your lateral positioning matters a lot. In the IMAX seat, you can find the uses of proprietary sound systems that deliver sound from every direction. It also increases the immersion effect in the film. So, if you want to experience better sound and audio while watching the movie, you have to sit along the central line of the theater.

Usually, you have to choose left to right wing to get a comprehensive sound experience with surround sound. The keystone distortion is also affected by the lateral positioning when you are watching any movie from a side angle. However, even after applying keystone correction, it does not work. In this case, choosing the center seats can only prove to be a solution for keystone distortion.

What if all the seats in the center of the IMAX theater are booked?

In case all the center seats are booked, then you need to sit at the back corners. Moreover, from this angle, this keystone distortion effect will be minimized, but you also have to remember that you must not choose to sit directly under one of the speakers, as it will overpower the other speakers in the theater.

Which would be better – the front seat or the center seat?

If you are buying a ticket for the front row, then you would be too close to the screen and it will make it difficult for you to view the actions happening at the side of the screen. If we go by the Rules of Third, which is followed by any filmmaker, it allows dynamic shots where items are placed off the center. Thus, the closer you are to the screen you won’t be able to see these items. Also, if the screen is not clean, then you might get a glimpse of dust as well if you are sitting too close

On the other hand, if you are sitting in the center row, then you can enjoy the movie, the sound, and also the comfort. Thus, all the negative effects are minimized and you get an immersive experience while watching the movies at IMAX theater.

How can you understand which are the center seats of the theater?

First, find the center line, next you have to draw diagonal lines through the theater. The exact place where these two lines intersect is the center of the theater where you will get visual and aural best effects.

However, you have to book the seats in advance because everybody is looking for the best seats for an impressive viewing of any movie on the IMAX screen.

Should you book your IMAX ticket in advance?

Yes, if there are releases of popular movies, then you must book your tickets a few days in advance. This will help you to get the best seating location and also provide you with the best visual experience.

Which seat is best for watching a 3D movie in an IMAX cinema?

Usually, if you buy tickets for the center seat, then you will get a better experience in terms of visuals and audio. However, if you are watching 3D movies, then you need to shift a little further back from the middle to get the best viewing experience.

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