iLive Bluetooth Speaker System Review: Is It Worth Buying? (2023)

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker system that defines its price tag, then the iLive Bluetooth speaker system has good sound quality with dependable stereo separation. It is a water-resistant device and has the power to pump up the heat at a party, be it indoors or outdoors.

You can recharge it using the USB cables or use its fascinating alternative. The most exciting part is that it comes with solar panels, which transform themselves into the life of the party due to the night glow. Also, it comes with removable stakes, so you can put them upright, play your audio and enjoy the evening with friends or family.

The price range is between $ 50 – $ 70, which is a good buy for a Bluetooth speaker system. So, let’s get to the features that make it one of the best choice Bluetooth speakers before you make an investment.

Here, we are about to cover the design, features, volume system, controlling facilities, and connectivity for the iLive Bluetooth speaker system.

What’s in the Box of iLive Speaker?

The iLive Bluetooth speaker system comes in a box with-

  • 3.5mm AUX cable
  • RCA audio cable
  • Left channel speaker
  • Right channel speaker
  • 3.5mm to RCA audio cable
  • User manual guide
  • A guarantee card


Let’s have a look at the specifications that iLive manufacturers are offering to its users.


This iLive Bluetooth speaker system is cylindrical in shape and has circular solar panels attached at the top. So, when it’s sunny, keep it outside and leave it on for charging. It comes with stacks which make its height 6.75 inches; these are removable. The speakers are made up of plastic and wood, which are of good quality. However, plastic can be susceptible to finger smudges.


When you pair the Bluetooth speaker with any other device, you can take a follow-up by looking at the indicator lights. Other than this, it also has a MicroSD card slot and 3.5 mm of cable input. You can also use the speaker as a stereo after pairing them with Bluetooth. 

Volume system

It has a 2.1 system which is enough to diffuse sound in a single room. You can keep it in your bedroom or organize a party around it. Low bass frequency and treble make it a properly balanced system for the channels. You also get clarity, and there is no distortion. Based on your convenience, you can set the volume to its highest and still get a good sound quality. The stereo separation is quite impressive, and you would love the sound quality.

Controlling facilities

It comes with easy-to-access audio controls for the bass, treble, and volume. You also get a Control panel that includes volume up, volume down, stereo pair/input select, and Bluetooth pair. It also comes with multifunction power and a track (Next and Previous) button. There are also source selectors and power buttons. Next to the subwoofer, you will also find a Bluetooth pairing button, which is quite easy to access. 


You can connect any device with this iLive Bluetooth speaker system, irrespective of OS. With this Bluetooth speaker, using the RCA cable or 3.5 audio cable, you can connect any stereo. Also, you can use headphones that come with an output jack to connect to the device. The Bluetooth range is 33 ft, and the version is v2.1.

What do we like about the iLive Bluetooth speaker system?

You get LED indicators that can easily turn the accent of any room. It also has subwoofers that add a base to the speaker cabinet. It is made of wood and has fine control over the sound. After a full charge, it offers up to 20 hours of playtime, and it comes in sets of two.

What we didn’t like about the iLive Bluetooth speaker system?

When the iLive Bluetooth speaker system is in use, you cannot turn off the LED indicators. It becomes difficult to find the volume control. The LED indicators are only made of blue light, which becomes intolerable after some time.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a speaker that comes within your budget, then the iLive Bluetooth speaker system would be the best selection. You get a clear sound and it does not depend on any room size. Its designs make it a statement gadget that can easily pump the heat at a party. 

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