How To Pair Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker? (Pairing Guide 2023)

You can easily connect the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker to any other device that supports Bluetooth facility, and it can be your phone, laptop, or even TV. To pair Sylvania Bluetooth Speakers, you have to power on the speaker and turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode. Next, connect it to the audio device and ensure that the connection is successful so that you can play your favorite music through the speaker.

To get a step-by-step process on how to pair Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker, you can go through this guide. But, before you continue pairing the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker, you must ensure that both devices are within a range of 30 feet which is Bluetooth connectivity range. Also, there should not be any barriers in the form of thick walls or ceilings between the devices, as it reduces effective range. Also, both devices should be connected through the same Wi-Fi network to establish a good connection.

Let’s walk you through the steps of pairing the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker.

Step 1

You have to fully charge the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker before you begin and then connect both the speaker and the device with the same Wi-Fi connection. The speaker should have enough power to establish successful Bluetooth connectivity. While charging the speaker, if you notice that the power lamp is solid, then it indicates that the speaker is fully charged.

Step 2

Press and hold down the Power button of the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker to turn it on. You will be able to see the LED lights/indication lamps blinking to ensure that it is ready to pair. Now, you have to enable Bluetooth Mode. You will find the Bluetooth button in the form of a Bluetooth logo, and it will be labeled as Mode or Source. 

Step 3

Hold down the Bluetooth button for a few seconds till another light indicator glows, ensuring that it is now discoverable. If it does not have any pairing button or Bluetooth button, then it will automatically pair with the device when you enable Bluetooth mode on the source device.

Step 4

If you are connecting your Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker with your phone, then go to Settings and look for the Bluetooth option to reach the Bluetooth settings. Next, turn on the Bluetooth mode, and you will find the list of devices or options to pair a new device. Allow your source device to search for Bluetooth devices.

Step 5

Now, from the Bluetooth list, select the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker. Always double-check the model number before you connect. Press the Connect device option to establish a successful connection between the phone and the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker. 

Step 6

To test the connectivity, you can also play audio on your phone and notice whether it is audible. If you want to disconnect the Bluetooth connection, simply go to the Bluetooth settings of your source device and click on the Disable button.

Tip to Remember

The next time when you try to pair this source device, you won’t need to go through the entire process. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth device for both devices and wait for a few minutes. The connection will be established automatically. However, do ensure that there should not be any other Bluetooth-enabled devices within this range.

How to reset the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker?

If you find that you are failing to connect your Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker with any device, then resetting the speaker is the best solution. You need to hold down the Power button and the Volume down button for around 10 seconds, and your Bluetooth speaker will automatically restart and will also reset the device.

Why is the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker unable to find nearby devices?

If your Phone is failing to pair with the speaker, then you need to unpair all the devices. 

To do this (for iPhone), you need to click on the Info icon and choose the option “Forget this device” for every device on the list. Then, restart your phone and go through the process mentioned above. This will make your iPhone discoverable by any other devices nearby easily. 

If you are using an Android phone, then you need to go to Settings > System > Advance > Reset option. This would reset your Android phone, and it will forget all the previously connected Bluetooth devices. Finally, you can establish a successful  connection without any problem

What are the things to remember when you are pairing your Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker?

  • Sylvania Bluetooth Speakers come in different models and have separate operating methods. So, you must always follow the user manual. 
  • You might find Bluetooth buttons on some models, while others may have multifunctional buttons. So, always understand their working capabilities before you pair the device. 
  • If you have previously paired the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker with any source device, then it will automatically connect the next time when you make it discoverable. 
  • If a pin is promoted by the source device while trying to pair the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker, then you need to use 0000.

Is there any app to control Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, you can find the Sylvania Smart Home app on the App Store, or you can also get the Sylvania Smart Wi-Fi app.

How to ensure the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker is discoverable?

You have to long press the Bluetooth button to enable the pairing mode on the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker. Now, when you are looking in the Bluetooth-enabled devices list on your phone, you will definitely find the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker model. This ensures that your Bluetooth speaker is discoverable.

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