How To Make A TV Antenna Amplifier? (DIY Guide)

You can build a TV antenna amplifier at your home to get a stronger TV signal. To begin you have to gather the necessary materials that are required for his construction. Without even spending on an expensive TV antenna amplifier you can use this homemade amplifier perfectly to enhance the TV signal.

Let’s get to the methods that will help you to build a simple TV. We are about to share both simple and advanced DIY ways to construct the TV Antenna Amplifier.

How to construct a SIMPLE TV Antenna Amplifier?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to build a simple yet effective TV Antenna Amplifier:

Materials required

Basic materials, that will find in and around your house are required to build a simple TV antenna amplifier, and they are:

  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Scissor
  • Marker 
  • Utility knife
  • Pen

Step-by-Step Process to Build TV Antenna Amplifier

Here we are trying to build a TV antenna amplifier using a simple method, but if you want to go for the advanced one you may need different materials.

  • To start building a simple TV antenna amplifier take a cardboard piece and draw a circle on it.
  • On the other side of the original circle, draw two semi-circle projections and ensure that the semicircle protections are not too big.
  • Take another piece of cardboard and cut a rectangular shape. The rectangular piece should have a longer diameter than the original circles that you drew on the first part of the cardboard.
  • Take the pieces of the cardboard and cover them with Aluminium foil so that all the pieces of the cardboard get covered.
  • Fold the rectangular piece of cardboard around the circle piece. 
  • In the rectangular piece, you have to cut slots, so that it can fit the semi-circular piece. The main point is that the entire device should look like a semicircle.
  • Start folding out at the edges of the circle so that it forms a lip-like structure that runs across the device.
  • Over all the other pieces suspend the foil and cut a small hole for the basic TV antenna in the centre.
  • Now, attach the amplifier to your antenna, and your job is done.

How to construct an ADVANCED TV Antenna Amplifier?

Here we have another DIY method that you can use to construct a TV Antenna amplifier, but it might seem to be complex but advanced.

Materials required

The basics can be easily found in your house and if required you can also get them from a local shop, to build an advanced TV antenna amplifier, and they are:

  • Pilers
  • Gloves
  • Wire hanger 
  • Ferrite magnet 
  • Electrical tape 
  • Paper insulations.

Step-by-Step Process to Build TV Antenna Amplifier

Constructing the TV antenna amplifier might seem to be more complex, but the steps are quite straightforward. The method might involve a little bit of strenuous work and more challenging, but you are bound to get good results.

  • You have to straighten the wire hanger by using the pliers. To avoid minor injuries to your hand you must use gloves while going through these steps.
  • Now, take the Ferrite magnet and twist the straightened wire hanger around it like a coil. You have to ensure that the coil is rolled around the concave part of the magnet and it should touch every part of the magnet. 
  • Leave around 6 inches of wire sticking out at both ends and wrap the entire device with electrical tape to ensure that every part of the coil and magnet is covered.
  • You must make a few layers of tape wrapping to make the device look quite thick. 
  • Now, cover at least three inches of the wire which is peaking at the end of the device with paper insulation. You can also use electrical tape to secure the paper insulation. 
  • Next, if there are any uncovered bits of wire, then cover them with an electrical kit.
  • Finally, take this model next to the TV and check whether the TV signal is getting stronger compared to the previous.

Building a TV Antenna Amplifier without any construction

You can try making a TV Antenna amplifier without construction if you want to avoid all the construction parts. For building the TV antenna amplifier, we have a quick DIY for you but you might not get the signals as strong as you are getting for the previous one.

Materials required 

You can easily get the materials at your house, and they are:

  • Metal bucket 
  • Household bath towel

Steps for putting the amplifier together

Here are the step-by-step that you need to follow:

  • Take the bath towel and place it beside the TV. Now, place the metal bucket face down and place it on the towel.
  • If you have a digital TV antenna, then place it on top of the bucket. Start channel surfing and get to the channel which you usually face difficulty with.
  • If you want to make testing more difficult, then go for the channels that are hard to reach. 
  • You will find that the channels are becoming clear and if the channels are still not clear, then move the metal bucket around the rims and focus on the particular signal.
  • You can also move the bucket in a clockwise direction and check the channels alongside. 
  • Always keep attention and check which angle gives a stronger signal and when you find the strong signal for a channel stop moving the bucket. You can always make a little adjustment if necessary.

If you want to avoid paying high prices for TV amplifiers then this is the most suitable budget-friendly option.

Which is the best material to make a TV antenna amplifier?

You can use copper wire to create a TV antenna amplifier which is an efficient conductor of electrical energy. However, if you are looking for more conductive elements then go for silver but the cost will amplify as well. So, you can always pick simple materials to create a quick TV antenna amplifier.

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