How to Connect Edifier Speakers to TV? (Hassle-Free 2023)

You can enhance your music streaming experience by connecting the Edifier speaker to the TV. We will explain how to connect Edifier speakers to TV in a simplified manner.

The process is – Turn on the speaker, go to the settings on the TV, and navigate to the Edifier speaker name from the list. Now, try to pair the Edifier speaker through Bluetooth and play audio. This will successfully connect the speaker to the television, and you can play your favorite track.

However, any incorrect connectivity effort can damage the port, or any misconfiguration in the setting can lead to the Edifier speaker no sound. 

So, let’s go through the elaborative steps on how to connect the speaker to the TV.

How to connect an Edifier speaker to a TV with Bluetooth?

Most of the speakers at present come with Bluetooth connectivity which makes it easier to navigate through apps and stream music. So, if you want to connect through Bluetooth, here are the steps that you need to follow to create a wireless connection.

Turn on the speaker

You need to turn on the Edifier speaker and also turn on your TV. Check whether the cables are plugged in correctly so that it is ready to be paired. Also, check if the speakers are functional and fully charged. You need to keep the speaker within the TV range to establish stable connectivity.

Now, turn on the speaker, and press the BT button, which you will find on the remote, to enable Bluetooth mode. Press the volume button to make adjustments. You will find it on the rear panel. To verify whether the Bluetooth is on, you can check the LED light, and it will blink blue.

Make changes within the setting

Turn on the speaker and move to the Settings menu. You will find the menu on the television screen, select the Audio Device section and scroll down to find Bluetooth Settings. 

In the Bluetooth settings list, look for the Edifier speaker model that you are using. Select it and turn on the Bluetooth. Now, navigate to the Menu and tap on Settings. You will find a tab with a Network heading, click on it, and on your remote, tap the Bluetooth button. Now, you have to click on “Search for devices”, on the TV menu.

Pair the speaker with the TV

Once you select the Edifier speaker from the list of Bluetooth activities, it will get paired up automatically. Now, save the Settings, and you can connect the speaker by tapping on its name for a few seconds. The devices will get connected automatically, and you can play any media right away.

How to Connect Edifier Speakers Using a Wire?

If a wireless connection does not work for you, then you can opt for a wired connection. Here’s how you have to connect the Edifier speaker to the TV with a cable.

Connect the TV to a cable

You need a 3.5 mm audio jack and connect one to the television and the other end to the RCA jack. You have to create a lineup where the other end of the RCA jack should be connected to the speaker.

If you find that the television does not support any RCA connectors, then look for a headphone output port. Connect the speaker’s cable to the Edifier speaker, and be careful about the color. The golden cable should be connected to the Red one, and the silver cable should be connected to the black one.

How to connect an Edifier speaker to a TV with an optical cable?

You can use an optical cable to connect the Edifier speakers to the TV. To proceed – you need to connect the cable to the speaker and press the Volume Adjustment button. This will activate the speaker. Now, press the OPT key that you will find on the remote control. You will also find that the indicators have turned red.

Now, connect the optical input with the audio source of the Edifier speaker. After establishing the connection, the speaker will be ready to let out audio. So, start streaming music and play your favorite choice.

Can you connect the Edifier speaker to a TV without Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect the speaker to the TV without Bluetooth. If you are not using a Smart TV, then it won’t have Bluetooth connectivity. So, external help is required in this scenario. You can use a Bluetooth transmitter or use a 3.5 mm jack USB. This will create a seamless link-up, and you can activate the speaker to hear music or any sound.

Can you connect Edifier to multiple devices?

Yes, any Edifier speaker can be connected to multiple devices, but you have to check the compatibility of the connection ports. If the Edifier speaker has HDMI cables, then the other device, i.e., TV or home theater, should also have HDMI ports. However, you need to make certain changes in the settings so that while you are switching from one device to another, the audio also gets changed.

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