How to Connect Aomais Speakers? [Step-by-Step Guide 2023]

You can connect Aomais speakers through the Bluetooth connectivity feature of the device. To proceed – You have to press and hold down the Bluetooth button of the Aomais speakers to put it into pairing mode. Now, on the device (phone) that you want to connect, access the Advance setting and enable Bluetooth mode. Your Aomais speaker is ready to pair with the phone or any other audio source you prefer. Finally, you can test the connection by playing any audio through the speaker.

If you want to connect your Aomais speakers to a phone, then here we are to discuss the step-by-step process that you need to follow

Step 1

Turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode of the Aomais speakers. For that, you have to press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker. You will notice that the indicator lamp is flashing with imparts that the device is ready for paring. You must also press the volume button so that when you pair the speaker with your phone, then you can hear the audio clearly.

Step 2

Go to your smartphone, pull down the Control Panel, and tap on the Bluetooth option. Now, enable Bluetooth mode, and from the list of available devices, click on the Aomais speaker model name that you want to connect to.

Step 3

Now, you will notice that the speakers’ Bluetooth indicator is flashing faster, which imparts that the Aomais speaker is ready to establish a proper connection. Wait till the indicator light of the Aomais speaker gets solid, as both devices are connected successfully.

Step 4

Finally, you can test the audio by playing your favorite music on the phone and also try to keep the volume at an appropriate level by adjusting the volume button.

How to disconnect the Aomais speaker?

If you want to disconnect this Aomais speaker, you have to press and hold down the Bluetooth button of the speaker, and you will notice the Bluetooth indicator lamp turns off. You can also turn off the Bluetooth mode on your phone, and the device will also automatically get disconnected from the speaker,

How to reset the Bluetooth Aomais speakers?

You can reset the Bluetooth Aomais speaker. If they are not connecting or failing to pair, then you can press and hold down the Power and the Bluetooth button together. Other than this, you can also press the Power button and the Volume button simultaneously. You will notice that the speaker will turn off and turn on automatically, and this will reset the speaker.

What is the difference between pairing and connecting Aomais speakers?

Pairing is the process in which two devices are linked after the permission is granted, where else connecting refers to using the speaker after the device is connected and enabling music or calls through the device. 

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