Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker Review (2023)

Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker is manufactured by a Canadian-based audio brand who are known to design high-end home audio music systems. You would definitely like its build and the way it can be used without much hassle. It has a wired amp, so there is nothing to worry about fine-tuning the sound. 

So, if you are looking for an affordable speaker for $300, then you must grab Fluance Ai40. Let’s take a walk into the details of the speaker to help you make a decision – why Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker makes a better choice.

Inside the box:

  • Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker
  • A power cord
  • A remote control
  • 8’-18 gauge speaker wire
  • 3ft, 3.5mm AUX to RCA cable


  • Dimensions: 10.9 X 6.5 X 7.6 Inch
  • Speaker Weight: 15.1 Lbs
  • Colors: Walnut finish, Black Ash, Lucky Bamboo
  • Tweeter: 1 Inch Silk Soft Dome Ferrofluid Cooled
  • Woofer: 5 Inch Woven Glass Fiber Composite Drivers
  • Amplifier Power: Class D 70 Watts (2x 35 Watts)
  • Frequency Response: 40hz – 20khz (Dsp Virtual Sound Perceived By Ear)
  • Crossover Frequency: 2600hz Phase Coherent – Pcb Mounted Circuitry
  • Enclosure: Acoustic Suspension Design
  • Bluetooth: Yes; Aptx Codec
  • Speaker Configuration: 2 Way – 2 Driver Bookshelf Speaker System With Integrated Amplifier 

Features of the Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker

Let’s check out the features of the Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker that make it worth spending your money on.


You can get the Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker in three stunning colors – Walnut, Lucky Bamboo, and Black Ash. The color combination makes the speakers a perfect fit for your room decor, and also the Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) makes them a classy choice. At this price, it is indeed difficult to find such a well-built speaker. The 5-inch woven glass woofers are covered by grille-free cabinets, making them resistant to dust and debris. Along with that, the grille also protects the 1-inch silk dome tweeter and makes the entire design attractive. 


The Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker also has a 2×35 W class-D amplifier, and the passive left speaker is connected with speaker cables to establish secured connectivity. The speaker does not offer many options but has enough features that would help you with a great audio experience. You get the option to connect multiple audio sources, such as turntable, computers, and CD players, through the RCA input. The speaker provides you with RCA to 3.5mm cables, so now you can establish a connection of your choice.

Audio setup

The speaker also provides you with a Bluetooth connection with aptX support. Thus, you get to connect the hardware wirelessly and also stream music without any additional attachments. The speaker, however, does not have an optical input, so you cannot connect it to the TV directly. The speaker also lacks a subwoofer out unit, so you might have to go through a complicated audio setup to connect a subwoofer. 

Controlling features

On the right side of the speaker, you will find a volume control knob. The device also has a multi-purpose knob which can be pressed to control the various aspects of the speaker. 

you also get a remote to control the features of the speaker. So, use the remote to send out commands which are received through the IP window. You get access to manage the volume, switch inputs, mute the system, and control the playback. You can also adjust and manage the bass and treble EQ. The best part is the indicator lights, which are yellow for RCA, white for power on, red for power off, and blue for Bluetooth, which helps to identify the functional status of the speaker. 


You get an impressive and neutral tonal balance with a deeper bass and controlled features. You get to enjoy 16-bit/44.kHz audio at 352 kbps. Owing to its subtle compression, the speaker can play loud music. Also, you do not have to worry about the drivers, so turn up the volume and allow the sealed enclosures to protect the device. You will find that the soft sounds are quite loud, and the loud sounds seem to be quiet. If you find any distorting sound, then try to reduce the source volume and increase the speaker volume. The treble will help to open up the midrange, and the bass will add weight to the sound.


Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker is priced between $199 to $299. You can either look for it at the stores or buy it online. You might also get a good discount if there is a sale.

How to set up the Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker?

To set up the Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker, you have to connect the 18 gauge speaker wire to the terminals, which are found at the back of the speaker. Next, plug in the power adapter and select a source. You will get two options: RCA and Bluetooth. 

To set up the Bluetooth, you have to press down the power button, which is present at the back of the speaker. You will find the Bluetooth indicators are solid blue. Next, turn on the Bluetooth for any device that you want to connect and wait for the pair to get established. You can also use the RCA to connect any device with the speaker.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker?

Understanding the pros and cons of the speaker can help you to make an informed choice:


  • The audio quality is impressive
  • It has a deep, resonant bass
  • The setup process is quite easy
  • The design and finish is beautiful
  • Bass and Treble tone controls


  • There is no AUX cable or optical in
  • There is no subwoofer out

What are the factors to consider while choosing a bookshelf speaker?

If you are an audiophile, then you cannot ignore the importance of a bookshelf speaker. These are small and space-friendly devices that have a perfect combination of hi-tech facilities. The factors that you must consider while buying a bookshelf speaker are Wired or wireless, sound quality, speaker size, compatibility of the speaker when connected to an amp, volume and sensitivity, and placement. 

Is the Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker a good buy?

Yes, is a good buy within the $200 range. You get excellent sound along with detailed sound texture. So, if you are looking forward to building a home theater, you can opt for this device. Also, the speaker can impart high-quality audio even from a smartphone. It occupies a small space, such as a bookshelf, and is indeed a good-to-go choice. 

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