Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers Review (The Only Speakers You’ll Ever Need)

Here is a tear-down of the Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers to help you understand what makes these speakers a recommended buying option in 2023. If you are looking for bookshelf speakers, then you must go for this model of Edifier, which can be a great gift for any audiophile. Users are reporting that the speaker is ready to challenge big brands like Sony.

You can also use this speaker along with your desktop. Moreover, the build quality makes it comparable to a premium product.

Let’s walk you through the features and what makes an Edifier speaker a good buying choice.


  • Woofer: 4″ inch
  • Tweeter: 19mm with a silk dome
  • Power: RMS 16Wx2 + 19Wx2
  • Inputs: AUX, RCA, Bluetooth, optical, coaxial
  • Remote: Yes
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Equalizer: Yes, three-level adjustment (treble, gain, and bass)


Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers are counted to be a big blast in a small package. So, let’s get to know about its features that make it stand out from the rest. 

First Impression 

Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers has a 4-inch woofer that can manage low to mid-range audio. The top end is managed through the 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter. The configuration is quite standard, and it is able to handle 60hz to 20Khz, with enough depth to provide you with an accurate response. You can use the speaker for small to medium-sized rooms. However, the depth of the field is quite limited, so if you sit quite far away, then the sound might seem to be distorted. The weight is 7.6kg and takes up a little room. 

The sound is perfectly projected to the ears owing to the 10-degree angle, and it also grants the speaker a perfect and classy outlook. You will find a 4-inch woofer placed in a cabinet, and you can also use the device as a bookshelf speaker, with a dimension of 254mmX223mmX155mm. Thus, no added strain is put on the shelf or on any kind of wall mountings.

minimize the imbalances.


You will find the Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers in a perfect jet black color which are blended into a perfect studio setup. You can easily set up the speaker in your living room and enjoy the music. The grills make the design elegant and also protect the parts from dust and debris. Also, the design helps to manage the risk of getting short circuits in case you have children who tend to put their fingers anywhere on the speaker. 

Build quality

The Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers are built in a wooden cabinet, and the model is quite sturdy. The wooden material helps to reduce the resonance and also has an edge over the plastic cabinets. You do not have to rub fingerprints every time you touch it, owing to its textured front, and it also includes grilles that protect the woofer and tweeter. You also get a remote along with the speaker, and the buttons have smooth access. You get a 2 years warranty with the speaker and it is a perfect balance between price and quality.

Audio quality

Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers has an impressive sound quality and gives a neutral response. It has a dedicated sub-out, which takes the music to the next level. You also cannot ignore the mids, as it will definitely find a balance between the mids and lows. The speaker also has a clean tonal range, and the clarity is worth mentioning, so you can hear smooth transitions during a dialogue exchange in movies. There is no distortion, and you also get added tuning options to 

Tuning Option

You get easy-to-access and basic tuning options to adjust the audio output. The Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers also have Treble and Bass control located right near the rear side of the primary unit. Thus allowing you to fine-tune the music. If you want to balance default settings, then these tuning options can provide you with the perfect mix. Also, you can adjust the settings based on your personal preference.

Input features

The speaker comes with 2 dual RCA inputs for PC and AUX. It can manage two devices, and you can easily switch between these two devices using either the volume control knob or the speaker remote. The device supports coaxial and optical input and imparts enough versatility to listen to music. 

It also has a dedicated sub-out connection that makes the speakers capable of adding a subwoofer easily to the setup. You also get 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to easily pair the devices within a suitable range. Users have not reported any dropout issues, making the speaker quite versatile and flexible in terms of connectivity,


You get value-for-money features along with the speaker. But, if you want to use the Edifier for studio purposes, then you must rethink. Moreover, the brand also offers on-day servicing facilities, making the device and service an all-rounder. 

What are the pros and cons of Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers?

Let’s have a clear idea about the pros and cons of the Edifier R1850DB Active Speakers


  • The sound quality is quite satisfactory
  • With well-defined lows, mids, and highs which are mostly balanced
  • You get an entry-level producer


  • Connectivity options are quite less
  • You get only one color
  • It has an asymmetrical design
  • The Bluetooth codec is not updated

Do Edifiers manufacture good speakers?

Yes, Edifiers are counted among the best active speaker manufacturers, designing speakers within a price range of $200. These speakers have been showing active performance and produce loud music without any distortion. You also get stable connectivity within a small package.

Is an active speaker better when compared to a passive speaker?

The sound quality depends on how you are going to set up the speaker and the amplifier. The basic disadvantage of an active speaker is that you need to run a power cord so that a direct line of contact can be maintained. Thus, a chained connection can reduce the overall sound quality of the speaker.

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