Do Gaming Monitors Have Speakers? The Shocking Truth Revealed!

Not all but some of the gaming monitors have built-in speakers and based on the size the price varies. Manufacturers are trying to eliminate the external speakers and offering built-in speakers with gaming monitors to provide a more clutter-free experience.

 A gaming monitor having speakers will definitely reduce the necessity of using wires and with only one component you can play the game as well as enjoy the sound. However, integrated monitors often do not have the proper sound quality that a dedicated speaker has, which is a downside.

When compared with dedicated speakers, gaming monitors do have powerful speakers but are not capable of producing high-quality sound, but you would experience a decent gaming environment. 

So, let’s dig deep and understand why gaming monitors have speakers.

Is a Gaming Monitor with Speakers beneficial?

Previously monitors were only meant for delivering images and so they were manufactured to assist with gaming, video editing, or processing high-quality images. With these monitors, you can get specific parts that are designed to convert digital signals into analog and voice speakers or headphones to connect to the monitor and listen to the sound. In this segment, an external speaker proves to be beneficial.

However, with a gaming monitor in-built speaker, you get an all-in-one device that can display the picture as well as make the sounds audible. Thus, you can definitely go with monitors with integrated speakers for not only gaming but also watching movies and performing video editing tasks. 

However, the low sound quality of monitors with built-in speakers makes it a necessity to have an external speaker and it is good enough to deliver clear and precise sound. Usually, this comes with 2W speakers and it would also save time instead of searching for comfortable speakers in the market. Right from being out-of-the-box speakers there is no hassle of establishing a connection and also keeps your desk wire and clutter-free.

Are external speakers necessary for gaming?

While choosing a gaming monitor, you must look at the essential factors first, such as refresh rate and response time. Next, comes whether you would like the sound quality of a monitor with an in-built speaker or an external speaker. You need to make an informed decision based on the factors mentioned below:

The types of games you play

If the speakers are intended to listen to the dialogues in the game or chat with friends, then monitor built-in speakers will do the job. However, if the game requires sound clues to convey messages inside the game, then you need an external speaker. While playing action games, it becomes mandatory to use a well-built external speaker. Also, if you want to hear clear narration of what’s going on inside the game, then a high-quality external speaker should be selected.

Performing specific activities

If you are editing any music files or doing any task that involves high sound quality, then monitors built with speakers might not be satisfactory. Even while watching movies, you might want to go for an external speaker rather than a gaming monitor with an integrated speaker. Also if you are an audiophile, and love listening to hi-res music, then also you must get a set of external speakers. Alternatively, you can always look for a gaming monitor that comes with internal speakers and subwoofers.

Surrounding environment

If you are playing music or involved in a gaming session in your room, you can either go for a headset or get monitors with built-in speakers. However, if your house is located in a crowded or noisy place, then monitor sound might not be effective enough or if you do not like wearing the headset all the time, then you have to go for an external monitor.


A decent gaming setup can come within your budget, but if you want to replace the monitor with a built-in speaker monitor, then you have to pay more. On the other hand, you might have to go through a rise in electric bills, if you are adding or using external components.

What are the disadvantages of gaming monitors with Speakers?

Even though the technologies have improved, you will not get the expected sound quality from internal speakers. Some manufacturers try to develop integrated speakers which can compete with dedicated ones but these are still under testing process. 

Also, you may find that the monitor speakers have the same quality as that of a smartphone which can be a little disappointing. Due to the integration of monitor speakers, the monitor also becomes quite heavy and also has more bezels. Usually, the built-in speakers have bass which does not make the music enjoyable.

Should you opt for a Gaming PC with a built-in monitor?

you must check with the manufacturer and the features that come along with built-in speakers. Inspect the number of speakers and the power output. Get a speaker that has 2W or you can also switch to 5W speakers. These monitors are heavy and bulky, so you must also consider the space where you are going to place them. 

If you are getting a monitor with subwoofers opt for the one that has the right bass. you must also go through the connectivity options and ensure that there are enough ports to connect headsets or external speakers. On top of these, do not forget to consider your budget.

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