How to Connect AirPods to PS4 Without a Dongle? [Best Way]

Looking for ways to connect AirPods to PS4 without a dongle easily? If yes, then you have found the best article for it. I have been using AirPods since the second generation AirPods came out in 2019 and have always tried to find a solution on how to connect my AirPods Pro to the PS4 without a Bluetooth dongle. In spite of many failed attempts to find the right solution, I found a solution that worked like a charm and did the job without an Airpods PS4 dongle.

Steps on How to Connect AirPods to Ps4 Without a Dongle (Bluetooth) or Adapter

Playstation Account

sign in Playstation Account
  • First, turn your Ps4 on.
  • Sign in to your main PlayStation account.

The Remote Play App

The Remote Play App
  • Open AppStore on your phone (Android/iOS smartphone).
  • Download ‘PS4 Remote Play’.
  • Open the application once it’s downloaded.
  • Click on ‘OK’ and then ‘Start.’
  • Accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Sign in.
  • Once you sign in, your phone will start searching for your Ps4 to connect to (this process might take a while).
  • You will be directed to a new page once connected.

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Steps for Connecting Your PS4 Controller

Steps for Connecting Your PS4 Controller

Once your smartphone is connected to the PS4, you can also connect your Controller. For that,

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Choose Bluetooth settings.
  • Now, simultaneously hit the “PS” and “Share” buttons on your Controller.
  • This will activate the “sharing” feature on your Controller, resembling the pairing mode.
  • Pair it with your smartphone.
  • Choose your Controller’s device name from your phone’s Bluetooth settings to connect.

Connecting your Apple AirPods to Sony PS4

Connecting your Apple AirPods to Sony PS4
  • Pair your AirPods Pro to your phone like you usually do
  • Now go to settings
  • Choose ‘Enable Microphone.’

These steps shall enable you to connect your AirPods without any fuss to your Ps4.

Apart from the method where the usage of an adapter is nil, sometimes people prefer to use hardware to connect devices physically. One of the ways to pursue that is by using the “PS4 Wireless BlueTooth Dongle with Microphone.”

Steps to Follow After a Successful Connection

plug the microphone into the headphone jack port
  • Now, plug the microphone into the headphone jack port on the Controller.
  • Access the PS4 ‘Menu.’
  • Choose ‘Devices.’
  • From the dropdown that appears, choose ‘Audio Devices’ and then ‘Input Device.’
  • Make sure that the input device option shows “Headset connected to controller” on the screen.
  • Choose “Output Device.”
  • Set “USB Headphones” as the output device.
  • Now, change the “microphone” and “headset” volumes to your desired level.
  • Set your output to the headphones to “all audio” to complete the process.

How to connect AirPods to PS4 With a Bluetooth Adapter?

Image: click4infos

The Dongle is made up of two parts. The first is the USB dongle that goes into the front of the PlayStation, and the second is the auxiliary microphone that goes into the headphone jack on your PlayStation controller.

Here are the procedures for utilizing a dongle to connect AirPods to a PS4:

  • First, put the USB receiver into the front of your Ps4.
  • To connect AirPods PS4, turn them both on.
  • Make sure the lights on the receiver in the USB slot are on and flashing.
  • Now, long press the button on the Dongle long enough till the light starts flashing at a fast rate to put the Dongle into ‘pairing’ mode.
  • Press and hold the button on the back of the AirPods case as well until the light on the Dongle stops flashing for the completion of the connection process.

Sony PS4 – The Limitless Gaming Machine

Image: Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Ps4 is the company’s fourth home video game console. Minecraft, Just Cause 3, Call of Duty, Fortnite Battle Royale, Ratchet & Clank, and Spider-Man 3 are just a few of the titles available on the PS4 console. There are three models of Ps4 – PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

AirPods Pro – an Apple Product

The Apple Inc.-created AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The AirPods not only play music but also have a microphone that cancels out background noise. They also have optical sensors and accelerometers that can detect taps, pinches, and where they are placed in the ear. This allows the audio to pause when the AirPods are removed from the ear automatically.

What is the Use of a Dongle?


So the question would be, what does the Airpods PS4 dongle really do? It’s not like pairing a PS4 controller where the connection is made effortlessly with the PS4 without the use of any external adapters like a dongle. But in our case, it is to connect AirPods to PS4 without a dongle. 

You may wonder: Why not just use a wired headphone by plugging it into the headphone jack in the Controller? But people beg to differ on their experiences. The task of connecting your AirPods to PS4 is not as easy as pie like in the case of you trying to connect your AirPods to your smartphone. But it is not impossible.

Types of Dongles

There are many types of dongles to use in general. As far as our ‘Connect AirPods to PS4 without a dongle’ connection is concerned, there are two main types:

Bluetooth Dongle

Helpful to connect BlueTooth audio devices and BlueTooth headphones PS4.

Wi-Fi Dongle

Useful in boosting the Wi-Fi signal.

Why not use them?

Using a PS4 without any adapters to hear its audio is possible and is a popular practice. Enjoying the audible richness of a game playing on your PS4 without using any external peripherals is not a benefit but is also not a drawback either. It’s just a matter of saving up money.


Do PS4 users require a Bluetooth dongle?

On the PS4, a Bluetooth dongle is not required. Since the console has Bluetooth built-in, you can connect a controller without needing additional gear.

Can you connect the earbuds to Ps4?

You can connect earbuds to a PS4 system. You can use the headphone jack on the console itself or the 3.5mm audio jack on the Controller.

Can a dongle be inserted into a PS4?

Yes, a PS4 can accommodate a dongle. For a PS4, you can use dongles to add features like more storage or wireless internet connectivity. Dongles are used to give devices extra capabilities.

Are Wi-Fi dongles any good for gaming?

Even if you unintentionally bought a gaming device without Wi-Fi, You can utilize wireless adapters to access the internet. Many people enjoy playing video games. Therefore purchasing wireless adapters for gaming is a wise decision if you want to guarantee high speeds even when utilizing numerous devices.

How much does an Airpods PS4 dongle cost?

Though the usage of a PS4 dongle is precious, it costs relatively cheaper than you think. For example, a good and standard PS4 dongle might likely cost you around $10 to 25$.

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