Why Does My Sonos Keep Cutting Out? (Instant Fixes 2023)

The most probable reason why Sonos speakers keep cutting off is – faulty cable, wireless interference, unstable internet connection, speakers being away from the source device, and more. 

So, if you are facing the fact that the Sonos speakers are not responding, or keep cutting in and out, then let’s walk you through the solutions. Here, you are going to learn how to detect the reason for applying the troubleshooting methods.

1. Wireless interference

Wireless interference is quite common when you have connected multiple devices to the same route. This generally occurs when you are using 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for transmission. In this case, two or more devices are competing for the same Wi-Fi space, and so the Sonos speakers experience interference and drop out.

How to Fix?

To fix the issue, you need to change the wireless channel. You can easily change 2.4 GHz wireless channels without any disruption. If you are changing the wireless channel for the router as well as for the audio source, then they must be set at different channels to avoid further problems. You can also remove the devices that might be interfering with the Sonos connection.

To change the wireless channel in the source – You have to use the computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Now, type the IP address of the router in the browser and go to the Wireless Setting page. Adjust the router’s values for the channel. If it is set to Auto, then disable it, and set the channel to 1, 11, or 6. Finally, save the settings and restart the router.

To change the wireless channel on the Sonos speaker – You have to download the Sonos app on your Android or iPhone device. Now, go to Settings and open Sonos’s app settings, tap on System > Network > SonosNet channel. Navigate to the Wireless channel, and if it is set to Auto, then manually switch it to 11. Finally, save the settings and restart the Sonos speaker.

2. Streaming restriction

If you depend on streaming services to hear your favorite music, then you must know they have certain restrictions. These usually can start from refusal to play on wireless devices or one sign-in at a time policy. So, if you are already signed in on another device, then it might not allow you to stream music on Sonos speakers.

How to Fix?

To adjust the streaming restrictions, you need to understand which stations are not accessible. Also, you need to verify what are the different requirements that you need to fulfill to stream music through Sonos speakers. You can go for Pandora, Spotify, and Cloud Cover music while using Sonos speakers.

Also, check whether your premium package for the streaming service is over. Then renew it before connecting to the speaker. Also, try to organize the music before you start playing, as too many forms of data can slow down the process or even disconnect the speaker.

3. Verify the router connection 

The main purpose of a router is to collect data and transfer it between the network so that you can stream music on Sonos. But, connecting the device to an unstable connection can lead to Sonos speakers cutting out.

How to Fix?

To fix the issue, you need to check the speed of the internet. Try to use a third-party application, such as Speed Test, and verify whether the router is providing exactly the speed as mentioned by the service provider. If you are using a Sonos device, you need at least 50 Mbps for streaming music without hindrance. If it goes below 50 Mbps, then you need to inform the ISP. 

4. Have you connected the speaker with an unsupportive device?

If you have connected any Wi-Fi extender, mobile hotspot, or LTE router, along with Sonos speakers, then you need to understand whether these hardware are compatible. If they are not supported, the speaker might keep disconnecting and face internal damage.

How to Fix?

To fix Sonos speakers that keep cutting off, you have to remove them from the network or replace them with any other supportive device.

5. Verify the distance between the router, source device & the Sonos speaker 

If the speaker is out of the Wi-Fi range, then it can stop responding. Also, if you have connected the Sonos speaker to the source device via Bluetooth, then it cannot be a long-distance communication. The maximum range for Bluetooth is 10 m or 30 feet.

How to Fix?

First, you need to connect all the devices with the same Wi-Fi network to establish a stable connection. Next, check whether the device has been placed 30 feet away. You need to bring the Sonos speaker closer to the connected device. Always ensure that both devices are within the Bluetooth range. You can also turn off the Bluetooth connection and turn it on again to fix any internal glitch, which would help to play music without interruption. 

6. Check for internal glitches on the Sonos speaker

If there is any internal software glitch, then the Sonos speaker might keep cutting out and in. You might also notice that the LED lights on the speakers are blinking recurring, indicating any software issue.

How to Fix?

To fix this, you have to reboot the device. So, unplug the cable from the power outlet, turn off the Sonu speaker, and wait for 2 minutes. Now, plug in the cable of the Sonos speakers again, wait for a minute, and allow it to boot up.

Otherwise, you have to press and hold the Power button for at least 30 seconds and check whether all the lights are off. This indicates the device is turned off. Wait for a minute and again press the Sonos power button, and it will turn on, and the device will reset.

When the device reboots, it will start flashing a green light confirming that it is ready to configure. Now, you need to reset the settings and select the track you want to play through the Sonos speaker.

Can switching to a different internet source fix Sonos cutting out issue?

Yes, if you are facing recurring problems with the current internet, such as high latency, connection cutting out, and low speed, then you need to switch to a different internet source. If you have multiple Wi-Fi connections at home, then you can switch to the most stable connection and try to play music through the Sonos speaker.

How can you play music on the Sonos speaker?

You can either connect it with the source device and use a music service app to play your favorite track, or you can also download music on your phone and connect with the speaker. You can also use Sonos speakers to stream music, movies, and podcasts.

Do you need an internet connection to play music on Sonos?

Yes, most Sonos speakers need a stable Wi-Fi network to play music. Or, you can connect them to a direct network with an ethernet cable to stream audio. However, there are also Sonu speaker ranges, such as Sonos Roam and Sonu Move, that come with inbuilt Bluetooth, and you can stream music without Wi-Fi.

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