The Best Ways to Place Speakers for Maximum Sound (38% Rule)

If you want to set up a hi-fi audio system, then you must give priority to the positioning of the speakers. The sound output quality varies depending on where you place them in the room.

Try to run in the speakers, i.e. leave the speakers playing and warming up for around 24 hours or some speakers can also take 100 hours. This would help you to judge the system and implement the changes required.

So, let’s check the various setups to place the speakers so that you get the best possible outcome.  

4 Best Ways to Place Speakers for Sound

Irrespective of the speaker brand you have, placement plays a huge role in the audio experience that includes, initial placement of the speaker, speaker height, wall proximity, room arrangement, and placing the turntable. 

1. Create a Triangle

Creating a triangle is considered to be the ideal listening position, where you have to form an equilateral triangle. Keep the speakers at the same distance from each other and also from your position. If the size of the room is small, then try to get as close to the setup as might be possible.

2. Keep the Speaker Away from the Wall

If possible, you have to keep the speakers away from the wall. The reflection of the soundwaves on the wall would affect the sound so you need to make specific adjustments based on that. You can also rearrange the furniture to make space for the speaker setup and this would help to get the most out of the device.

3. Count the Little Details

Note down at what time of the day you are using the audio system more often. You also need to consider the purpose of use, such as while watching TV, playing video games, or listening to music. You might know that a reflective or smooth surface might hinder the proper outcome of the sound so you must also consider busy surfaces, such as drawing a thick curtain over the reflective surfaces to absorb the sound. 

4. Invest in Stand and Speaker Cables

If the speaker is standmount type, then invest in quality speaker stands instead of putting them on the shelves. This would improve the performance so you need to find a speaker stand that fits your requirements. However, if you have opted for a floor-standing speaker, then no need to invest in stands, instead ensure that the spikes are properly fitted. You can also use coins or something similar to place the spikes so that it does not come in direct contact with the floor. Also, do not ignore the importance of good-quality wiring as it has the capability to upgrade your listening experience. 

Tips for Improving the Audio Quality of Speakers

Here are a few hacks you must follow: 

  • To prevent unnecessary echo and reverberation, you must place it 30 cm away from the corner.
  • Also, instead of placing the speaker on the desk or shelf, keep it on a layer of foam which acts as an absorptive material. 
  • Do not place any items directly in front of the speaker even if it is a decor item. 
  • If possible, then place the speaker on a stand so that they come at a level with your ears for a better listening experience.
  • Keep the turntable on a different surface, so that it can stay isolated from speaker vibrations.

Why You Should Not Place the Speakers Attached to the Wall?

The rear-facing bass port of the speaker would reflect the sound waves when placed too close to the wall which would result in time smearing effect due to the reflection of the sound wave. Thus, speakers should be placed at least 3-4 feet away from the wall. T

What is the 38% Rule for Speaker Placement?

Based on the 38% rule of the speaker, you have to set the seating position 38% of the way from the wall at your front while considering a rectangular room, which would help to reduce the standing waves.

Which Quality of the Speaker Makes it Sound Better?

 The higher the power or watts of the speaker, the clearer and louder sound you get to hear from the speaker.

What is the Perfect Height for Placing the Speaker?

If you have a centered speaker, then it should be placed at ear level and should be 40 to 50 inches above the ground for a seated audience. If reaching this height is not possible, then you have to try angling it up marking the ear level.

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