How to Wire 6 Speakers to 4 Channel Amps (The Ultimate Guide)

If you are trying to connect 4 channel amps with 6 speakers, then it is usually not recommended as it can put a lot of pressure on the entire sound system. However, it is not impossible to connect 6 speakers to the 4 channel amp; rather, you just have to make a few tweaks. 

You can set up the audio system using either a parallel or series connection (daisy chain speaker layout). So, based on your preference, you have to choose the wiring setup, as both come with their own set of flaws and advantages. 

Let’s drive through the step-by-step process and understand the pros and cons of the different wiring methods.

What is the function of an amplifier?

An amplifier is designed to amplify the weak signals so that it can enhance the sound system’s performance. The 4 channel amps are also known as stereo amplifiers and are most compatible with 2 speakers, and you can connect 2 other speakers with subwoofers. 

So, the setup would be perfect if you are connecting 4-channel amps with 4 speakers. You can also connect 6 speakers, but for that, you need a little adjustment and a new hook-up system.

How to wire 6 speakers to 4 channel amp – Parallel wiring

Here, you are about to learn how to connect 2 speakers on 1 channel, i.e., on 2 channels, you connect 4 speakers through a parallel connection. The rest of the two speakers can be wired on 2 other channels; in total, 6 speakers are connected to 4 channel amps.

Step 1: 

Connect all the positive wires of the speakers and also the negative ends. Do check that you have put all the pluses together and, similarly, all the minuses together. Carry out the process until all the 6 speakers are connected. 

Step 2:

If you want the audio system to work without any glitches, then you must opt for a parallel connection, as even if one of the speakers fails to function, the system will not stop functioning. You will also notice that there has been a significant improvement in the performance. 

However, the only concern you might face in this setup is heat generation due to uneven power distribution among the channels that are handling two speakers. But, it won’t become a serious concern if you keep the volume at a reasonable level, as high volume for a longer period can lead to overheating of the system, affecting the entire setup.

How to wire 6 speakers to 4 channel amp – Series wiring

Yes, it is possible to make a wired connection of a 4-channel amp to 6 speakers, but it might not be as effective as it would have been if you chose a 6-channel amp. Still, here are the steps you need to follow for a series combination:

Step 1:

In a series connection, you have to link the speakers one after the other to form a line. Here, you have to connect one positive end of the speaker with the negative end of the other speaker. Continuing the process until all the speakers get linked together. 

Step 2: 

This is a series setup, and the power will be evenly distributed. You can also enhance the longevity of the audio system, as in this setup, there is no additional heat generation. Play your favorite music and enjoy.

However, if we consider the sound quality, then the series connection can affect it severely as it downgrades the audio performance. 

How to wire 6 6-channel amps with 6 speakers?

To set up an audio system with 6 channel amp with 6 speakers and receive the best sound quality and performance, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Use a speaker wire and connect each speaker to the corresponding input of the amp. Double-check whether you are connecting the wires in a proper terminal and if they are securely placed. The simple formula is that each speaker must have its own channel on an amp for the audio setup. But, you can also plug in multiple speakers into a single channel, but it might generate a risk of overloading.

Will a 4-channel amp increase the speaker sound?

Yes, if you add a 4-channel amp to your car stereo system, then try to adjust two channels for the front speakers and two for the rear. This will help to increase the sound level and also enhance the sound quality of the music played. 

What will happen if the amp is weak in terms of speakers?

If the amp is weak, then the volume will not increase after a certain level, and you might damage the volume knob trying to increase the volume. The negative impact is that your speakers’ volume won’t increase, no matter how hard you try. Along with that, the amp will get overheated, and the sound will be distorted. Thus, it is always recommended that instead of overpowering the amp, you must underpower the amp.

Will a bigger amp create louder speakers?

Yes, if you go for an amp with a higher power, then speakers will produce loud and clear music. You can try to double the power to understand the difference between using a bigger amp and a smaller one. Amp will also increase the quality and volume of the sound produced through the speaker.

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