How to Use Headphones With PS4? (Game-Changing Method)

Using headphones with PS4 can help to enhance your game-playing experience but you need to use them correctly to ensure not facing any compatibility issues. Also, if you are intending for a late-night games season, then using headphones can be the best bet where you can join the team, and chat, without disturbing the people around.

Let’s get started with a vivid discussion on how to use regular headphones with PS4.

Different Ways to Use Headphones with PS4

PS4 follows Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association standards which decide the headphone jack that you are about to connect. 

So, most of the headphones should work without any complications, but often you might have to go through modifications or compatibility tests before using a third-party device.

How can you connect a wired headphone to a PS4?

Here, we have straightforward steps for you to follow:

Turn on PS4 and get to the Settings menu, using the controller. Next, scroll down and select Devices. When you navigate to the Devices page you will find a list of all the possible devices that you can connect to your PS4. 

If you want to connect a pair of headphones, select Audio Devices and plug your wired headset into the PS4 controller. Next, choose the Output Device option and click on Headset Connected to the Controller. 

Now, to properly set up and test the headset mic, get back to the Audio Devices Page and select Adjust Microphone Level. You will find a slider to adjust the microphone input level. Now, get back to the Audio Devices page, select Output to Headphones, and click on All Audio.

How to connect wireless headphones to a PS4?

There are different ways to connect wireless Bluetooth headset to PS4. 

Steps to Connect Wireless Headphones 

  • Charge the Bluetooth headphones using a USB cable and plug the USB adaptor into the USB port of the PS4 or console. 
  • Next, turn on the headphones and put them on pairing mode. 
  • Wait for the blue light to stop flashing, until it turns solid blue indicating that the headphone pairing has been successful. 
  • Now, you can play audio and get to the settings using the controller. Scroll down and select Devices, from the Devices page. 
  • You have to select Bluetooth devices and wait for the headset to search for nearby Bluetooth devices while the headset is still in pairing mode and flashing a blue light.

From the list of Bluetooth devices select the headphones that you want to connect and when prompted register your device to complete the connection. Enter the necessary details and you can listen to your favorite audio anytime anywhere.

Steps to Connect Non-compatible Wireless Headphones 

If you want to pair your non-compatible Bluetooth headphones with PS4, then you can use the PS4 Remote Play app or a Bluetooth dongle

Using the PS4 Remote Play app

With the PS4 Remote Play app, you can access the PS4 device through your mobile by connecting through a stable Wi-Fi connection. This process turns your phone into an on-screen controller and also displays the chats and other menus when you join a game.

To proceed – download and install the PS4 Remote Play app on your mobile, get to the Settings, and activate the Remote Play feature of the PS4. Next, select Remote Play Connection Settings and ensure that you check the box next to Enable Remote Play for PS4.

Now, select Add Devices and enter the 8-digit code that appears on the PS4 Remote Play application on your phone. Enter the code to register the device and you are good to go. 

You need a minimum 5 Mbps connection for both downloads and uploads and steady internet without any lagging to use the PS4 Remote Play application. With a high-speed internet connection, you get a high-end gaming experience. 

Using Bluetooth dongle

If it is possible for you to make an investment, then get a Bluetooth dongle and a microphone. Plug the USB Bluetooth dongle into the PS4 and wait for the pairing mode to turn on. Charge the Bluetooth headset, turn it on, and put it into pairing mode. When the blue light turns solid, it indicates that the headset is paired with PS4. Finally, plug the microphone into the controller’s port and play your favorite tracks.

How to choose the best headphones for PS4?

The best headphone for PS4 depends on a few factors such as compatibility, surrounding sound, comfort, and microphone quality.

How to remove static noise from headphones on PS4?

If there are any electrical devices nearby then remove them to avoid interference issues. You can also try to reset the PS4 controller to fix minor technical bugs creating static noise.

How to fix echo in PS4 headphones?

To fix echo in PS4 headphones you have to reduce the microphone volume, so select the PS button and tap on Settings > Sound > Devices > Adjust Microphone Level.

How to fix the no-sound issue in PS4 headphones?

To fix the output audio issue on PS4 headphones, you have to long-press the PS button and then select Settings > Sound> Devices > Output to headphones. Finally, alter the settings to All Audio.

Can you pair AirPods with PS4?

Yes, you can connect AirPods to PS4 by using a Bluetooth dongle or a cable that is compatible and provides you with audio functionality. But, AirPods are not meant for dedicated gaming sessions, so it is recommended to get a gaming headphone to pair with PS4.

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