4 Simple Ways to Make a Speaker Louder (Guide 2023)

In any given sound system, the function of power is responsible for loudness and if you see that the preferable sound is not as loud as you would prefer then there are several options to increase the volume of the speaker you are using and of course to gain better clarity. A very basic sound system always consists of Sound source>Control and Processing>Amplification>Speakers. And in order to increase the speaker sound to a louder volume, you must increase the sound by at least 10 decibels and several techniques can be used to boost their overall performance. You have the option to plug in multiple speakers in the same place which will generate a louder sound comparatively and you can also choose to set the speaker in a corner or close to the corner and this can amplify the sound by 40%. 

Every speaker, be it a Bluetooth one or an android speaker always has its maximum level of sound it can throw out, so today’s guide will outline a few simple tricks and tips to increase your speaker volume. Usually, there is no need to connect the newly launched smartphones to external speakers to amp up their volume but some older smartphones might need this feature because of several reasons. A few settings tweaks and some handy tricks can significantly make the speaker louder.

Key Takeaways

  • It is technically not possible to amp up the volume of a Bluetooth speaker or the speaker of an android device beyond its maximum volume but trying out various tricks by positioning the device in such a way can help increase the volume.
  • Placing the Bluetooth speaker against the wall can also act as an amplifier which amps up the sound by 25%
  • with enhanced features like portable sizes and Bluetooth enabled, you can also opt for external speakers if your Windows is producing low or poor-quality sound. 

Factors that contribute to the loudness of a particular speaker 

  1. Sensitivity and watt
  2. Size of the speaker
  3. Speaker cone reflex
  4. Insulation

Steps how the sound system and its circuit follows

  1. Audio is reflected from the source of the sound and this can be an iPhone, an android device, a PC, or a car stereo
  2. The audio is processed and controlled
  3. The amplifier is what is responsible for the amplification of the audio
  4. The audio is generated from the speaker.

Solution 1: Modify its physical position/ adjust the orientation of your smartphone

Sometimes, the size of the room, the position of the device, and external noises play a crucial role in deciding whether the speaker of the device needs to be amped up or not. You can effortlessly ensure the speaker’s sound is louder by adjusting your android phone’s physical position and placing it in a suitable position which would automatically mean you can avoid the task of going to your device’s settings. If nothing is blocking the speaker then try rotating the device by 360 degrees and try to figure out the correct spot where the speaker sounds best. 

(Pro tip: While using a Bluetooth speaker, changing the orientation of the speaker can amp up the volume, for instance, you can place it against the wall, on the floor, and in a corner will provide you with the perfect solution.)

Solution 2: Increasing speaker volume on your android smartphone

Turn off the media volume limiter: modifying your android device’s media volume limiter can also ensure boosting your phone’s audio input thereby increasing the volume this method is considered one of the most useful and prevalent methods to increase the volume of your android device. Follow the few simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Access Sound settings. Here you will be able to identify whether you need to adjust your media volume limiter or turn on any sound enhancement settings.
  3. By clicking five times on your device’s Build number, you can also access the developer’s settings. 
  4. Once you connect your android device to an external Bluetooth speaker, turning the above on would also give you access to disable your device’s absolute volume. 

Solution 3: Having an amplifier that is adequately powerful

The amplification procedure is where power is added to the audio signal in order to increase the volume to its maximum level therefore you have to make sure you have an adequate amp with high wattage before purchasing your speaker or you might have to get a new amp to adequately provide power to your new speakers. 

Solution 4: By adjusting your phone’s equalizer

A quick tip: it is always advisable to avoid listening to music or any kind of audio at it maximum volume since this might be health hazardous and can preferably destroy your hearing capabilities. 

Double-check all the audio settings

  1. Set up the Bluetooth speaker with the optimum volume that does not cause any distortions. In your case, if it is your smartphone then check if the volume is at its maximum. 
  2. Other sources like VLC media and iTunes are embedded with equalizer settings. You need to choose the suitable equalizer setting and check if it is helpful in improving the overall sound quality.
  3. Poor signal or signal dropping can also be an issue so you can check if that problem is fixed.

(Quick tip: Your android device might have sound enhancement settings that may be turned off. In case your android phone speaker isn’t producing enough sound, there is a possibility that the volume limiter setting may be turned on.)

Final thoughts

Software amplification apps for laptops and phones can also be helpful in increasing the perceived loudness of your speaker in the respective device. This can be easily done by either managing the device’s settings or a few corrections in sound distortion. Hence, depending on the particular device you are using, you can alter the sound variation if you still have queries, do leave them in the comments section and I will get back to you with the solution. 


How do I give my speaker more bass? 

In this case, you would have to consider getting a larger box because the larger the speaker box the deeper the bass output will be in relation to the diameter of the speaker.  

Is it possible to make a speaker louder without an amplifier?

If you want to increase the sound of a speaker and give it a heavier bass and since amplifiers tend to be expensive, yes you can absolutely increase the volume of a speaker without an amplifier. You can buy a subwoofer and an external speaker to go ahead with it. 

How much louder are two speakers than one? 

In terms of acoustic power, the sound will be twice as loud as one single speaker if the individual speakers are driven from independent channels and you are halfway between them. 

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