How to Make a Bluetooth Speakers Louder? (6 Methods 2023)

You can try out the best possible ways to make a Bluetooth speaker louder. Try to adjust the volume of the speaker, use an amplifier, check the battery level of the speaker, place the speaker in a big empty room, or you can place the speaker closer to you. If you are quite confident about your technical knowledge, then you can also try to use a sound enhancer.

But, before this, you must check why the Bluetooth speaker fails to provide a louder sound. Verify whether the volume button of the speaker is set to low. Also, fix the default low volume of the speaker before you play any audio, you can also go through the hardware configurations and the battery power to understand whether the speaker is compatible with the audio file. You must also check whether there is any glitch within the speaker.

Do remember to remove any metal object that might be causing interference between the Bluetooth speaker and its louder music. Lastly, if the Bluetooth speaker is outdated, then you can consider buying the latest model to get better sound quality.

Here, we are about to discuss five promising methods for how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder.

6 Ways to Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder

You need to understand that every speaker has a maximum volume limit, and beyond that, you cannot make it any louder. So, you need to check the volume output before you purchase any Bluetooth speaker.

Understand the reason for the low volume of the Speaker

Check if the speaker is in a workable condition. If the type of audio file that you have selected is not comfortable with the Bluetooth speaker, then it can cause low-volume issues. Also, you need to customize the volume limit and keep checking the sound output. 

You can also try to identify whether there is a problem with the portable speakers. Further, verify if there is enough power to keep it functional without affecting the volume. 

Check the audio setting of the speaker

This is considered to be the basic step, as often people forget to increase the volume of the speaker to its maximum to get the loudest sound. Thus, go through the audio setting and toggle the volume to its maximum limit. Now, try to play any audio file and experience enhanced audio quality.

Keep the speaker on the floor

You might have to go through several trial and error-methods to get a louder volume or sound from your speaker. Try to place the speaker on the ground as a solution. This is not quite an uncommon method to try, but it can help to provide the requisite sound that you are looking for.

The basic science behind this is that when you keep a speaker on the ground, it helps the vibration to move quickly and without any obstacle. Thus, the result is that you will get a better sound.

Place the speaker in the corner of your room or against the wall

Basically, the wall acts as an equalizer setting which will help to provide a louder sound from the speaker. This will also save you money from investing in any sound booster plugins, and you can enjoy music in any type and size of the room.

Do remember to maintain a certain distance between the wall and the speaker. You can adjust the differences according to the output that you desire. It will be a great idea if the room is empty as it will help the sound to circulate faster and louder.

Get two speakers to play louder music

If one speaker is not enough or if you have a huge room that is going to entertain a huge crowd, then you need two speakers. Based on the EQ settings of the speakers, it will help to provide a louder volume and a more audible sound. Do test the sound quality and volume before you start addressing the crowd.

Choose an amplifier to enhance the sound of the speaker

If you want to upgrade the sound quality of the speaker, then a small audio amplifier will do the job. Adjust the amplifier into the sound booster plugin and connect it to the Bluetooth speaker. This will provide a clear, flawless, and better listening environment.

Does the Sound produced by the Bluetooth Speaker depend on the Size of the Room?

Yes, the Bluetooth speaker produces a louder sound based on the size of the room. If the room is quite spacious, then the sound will be louder, and you do not have to worry about increasing the volume.

This also plays an important role if you want to play loud music. All you need to do is adjust the position of the Bluetooth speaker and set it to maximum volume based on the size of your room.

Also, check the equalizer setting to create a balanced sound output. You need to estimate the size of your room so that you can adjust the device setting and put your best effort into creating a soothing volume while playing any audio file.

Can Music Service Affect the Sound Quality of the Speaker?

Yes, if you are trying to play music from any third-party music streaming service, then it can be the reason behind the low volume of the speaker. If you have connected your laptop/PC/mobile phone with the speaker via Bluetooth to stream music, then it can affect the sound quality based on the error encountered by the application. Moreover, if there are too many things running on the computer, then it also has the possibility to reduce the audio quality of the connected speaker. 

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