How to Connect Extra Speakers to Your Stereo: The Ultimate Guide

Adding extra speakers can multiply the audio output. So, if you have any extra speakers at your home, then you can connect them to the stereo using simple steps. 

Check the extra speakers for the terminals, so that you can plug into additional speakers. Now, connect the TV output to the stereo input. Connect the speaker wire to the respective terminals of the receiver and finally test whether the connection has been successful.

If you want a detailed step-by-step process then this guide is for you. Let’s check out what are the other elements that you need so that you can connect the extra speaker to the stereo.

3 Factors essential for connecting speakers to stereo

Here are the elements that you need to be cautious about while connecting with the speaker:

Speaker Terminal 

You will find that the receiver, amplifier, or stereos have speaker terminals, which are present at the back side of the receiver, or often locked through a speaker clip in a binding mechanism. You have to insert the open wire and allow the latch to get locked into the wire for your convenience. These terminals are usually color-coded, so all you have to do is follow the basic instructions, join the wires and you are good to go. 

Speaker Wire 

You will find a combination of red and black speaker wires. The red wire represents the positive terminal and the black represents the negative terminal. You will find that the ports where you have to connect the wire are also color-coded. The red wire goes into the red port and the black wire goes into the black port. You must always keep a keen eye and avoid mixing the two wires while connecting. Otherwise, the signal will be affected along with the system’s performance.

Amplifier Receiver

While connecting wires in their exact color combination, you can establish a perfect speaker-to-receiver relationship. The respective terminal wire color combination will help you to deal with the problem.

4 Step-by-step Process to Connect Extra Speaker to Stereo

Here are the basic steps on how to connect multiple speakers to a home stereo.

Step 1 

You need to prepare the excess speakers and also check whether the stereo has terminals to add the speakers. Also, there should be enough area to place the speakers in order to receive an enhanced audio quality.

Step 2 

In case you want to watch movies and experience a theatre-like sound quality, you can connect the TV output to the stereo input. Simply, plug the red cables into the red terminal and the white cables into the white terminals. The connection can be done by using RCA cables which connect your TV to the stereo.

Step 3 

Take the extra speakers and connect the wire to the receiver. You may find the terminal speakers have a red and white color combination wire. Often, you may find the stereo has a speaker terminal wire that can be pushed down like a latch and you can place the speakers in them and release the latch. 

Alternately, there are also stereos with screws that have screw caps. So, screw the cap around it, and then while screwing the cap you will seal the connection. Double-check whether you have connected the speaker back to the respective terminal.

Step 4 

After you have connected all the speakers to the respective terminal, you need to turn on the speaker and TV and verify whether the speaker is running perfectly. If it is connected perfectly, then you can enjoy the audio, otherwise, go through the same steps mentioned all over again, but the second time maintain precaution.

How to connect multiple speakers to one output in parallel combination?

If you want to connect extra speakers in parallel combination, then here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Connect the speaker wire to each of the speakers through the positive terminal. Double-check that for both the speaker the positive wires are connected to the same positive terminal.
  • Next, connect the speaker wire to each speaker through the negative terminal. Again double-check, whether both the wires are connected to the same negative terminal of the stereo at the amp.

How to connect multiple speakers to one output in a series combination?

If you want to connect extra speakers in a series combination, then here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • You need to bring out the bare wire by stripping the wire insulation. 
  • Next, connect one part of the speaker wire to the output’s positive terminal and then connect the positive terminal of the first speaker.
  • You need to cut the wire in such a way that it should reach the second speaker as well. 
  • Now, take the first speaker and connect the negative terminal to the positive terminal of the second speaker.
  • Take the negative terminal of the second speaker and connect it to the output’s negative terminal.

How many extra speakers can you add?

You have to check the minimum ohs requirements based on the amplifier. In case you find that there are 4 ohms, then connect two pairs of speakers. However, some amplifiers do not support more than one pair of speakers, so you need to check the user manual, before establishing a connection, otherwise it can damage the speakers.

How to add multiple speakers to the stereo?

While you are building a connection, you need to either set the two speakers and one amplifier into a parallel or series combination. In case, the speaker has an impedance of 8 ohms, then you can connect them in parallel connection, but if each speaker has an impedance of less than 8 ohms, then you must set up the wires in a series combination. 

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