How Many Speakers Does a Toyota Corolla Have?

The number of speakers in a Toyota Corolla depends on the model year and the audio system. 

For the 2003–2008 Corolla, Toyota provided a 4-speaker system as standard equipment and a 6-speaker system with tweeters in the front door sail panels as an option. Whereas on the 2020 Corolla – on the SE, XLE, and XSE trim levels there are 9 speakers.

What are the different speaker sizes in a Toyota Corolla?

The number and size of Toyota Corolla speakers vary on model year and trim level. Most Toyota Corollas feature 6 or 9 speakers. Four 6.5-inch speakers and two 3.5-inch tweeters make up the 6-speaker system. The 9-speaker system includes two rear-door 3.5-inch tweeters and an 8-inch trunk subwoofer.

What is the difference between the sound quality of the 6-speaker and 9-speaker sound systems in the Toyota Corolla?

The 6-speaker system sounds OK for casual listeners but lacks clarity and bass for audiophiles. The 9-speaker system delivers additional high- and low-frequency detail and immersion. The subwoofer boosts bass, while the additional tweeters improve voice clarity and instrument separation.

Can I upgrade the speakers in my Toyota Corolla?

Yes, If you don’t like your Toyota Corolla’s sound system, you may update the speakers. Upgrading speakers may violate your warranty or damage your car’s electrical system. Before changing your speakers, visit your dealer or a professional installation.

What are some of the best aftermarket speakers for a Toyota Corolla?

There are many brands and models of aftermarket speakers that can fit your Toyota Corolla, but some of the most popular and recommended ones are:

  • JBL Club 6520: These 6.5-inch coaxial speakers deliver a crisp and clear sound with a peak power of 150 watts and a sensitivity of 92 dB. They are easy to install and compatible with most Toyota Corollas.
  • Rockford Fosgate R165X3: These 6.5-inch 3-way speakers offer a balanced and dynamic sound with a peak power of 90 watts and a sensitivity of 91 dB. They have a polypropylene cone, a silk dome tweeter, and a piezo super tweeter for enhanced performance.
  • Kicker DSC650: These 6.5-inch 2-way speakers produce a powerful and detailed sound with a peak power of 240 watts and a sensitivity of 90 dB. They have a polypropylene cone, a PEI dome tweeter, and a stamped steel basket for durability.
  • Pioneer TS-A1670F: These 6.5-inch 3-way speakers provide a rich and smooth sound with a peak power of 320 watts and a sensitivity of 88 dB. They have a carbon and mica-reinforced cone, an elastic polymer surround, and a PET dome tweeter for improved quality.

How do I install new speakers in my Toyota Corolla?

Installing new speakers in your Toyota Corolla is not very difficult, but it requires some tools and patience. The fundamental procedures are as follows:

  1. Unscrew the screws, pry off the clips, then separate the electrical harnesses to remove the door panel.
  2. Disconnect the stock speaker’s wire harness and loosen any screws or bolts holding it in place.
  3. Connect the new speaker to the wiring harness using an adapter or splicing wires if necessary.
  4. Mount the new speaker in the factory location using screws or brackets if needed.
  5. Test the new speaker to make sure it works properly.
  6. Reinstall the door panel by reversing the steps above.

What are some of the common problems with Toyota Corolla speakers?

Some of the common problems that may affect your Toyota Corolla speakers are:

  • Blown or damaged speakers: This can happen due to excessive volume, distortion, or physical impact. You can tell if your speaker is blown or damaged if it sounds distorted, crackling, buzzing, or silent.
  • Loose or faulty wiring: This can cause intermittent or no sound from your speaker. Look for wear, tear, corrosion, or disconnection to determine whether your wire is loose or damaged.
  • Faulty head unit or amplifier: This can affect the sound quality or volume of your speaker. You can check if your head unit or amplifier is faulty by testing it with another speaker or source.

For diagnosis and repair, contact your dealer or professional installation. If you’re inexperienced, don’t repair your speakers yourself.

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