Corsair Virtuoso Pro Headset Review: Is It the Best Gaming Headset Yet?

Would you like an open-back design, lightweight, and travel-ready headset? Then, we give you Corsair Virtuoso Pro, which is listed as the best gaming headset. Corsair Virtuoso Pro has been in the lineup for a long time. Its hard to beat audio quality, premium looks, and game-oriented features make it a must-buy for all the gamers out there.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro has been designed differently from its predecessors and has been the talk of the town owing to its overall look. It comes with a 50 mm graphene dynamic driver along with two detachable audio cables. The headset comes along with a rigid and sturdy travel case to keep the gadget safe throughout the journey.

You get the Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset in two colors, and both cost you around $200, which is quite cheaper compared to the previous models, but it is definitely ragging in the market and more expensive than the headsets with similar features.

Let’s get to know why Corsair Virtuoso Pro is a gamer’s favorite.

What’s in the Box?

Here’s what you get when you order a Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset”

  • Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset
  • Two braided 2 m 3.5 mm audio cable 
  • 9.5 inch Y adapter
  • Sturdy and rigid travel case


  • Weight: 338g
  • Driver Type: 50mm Dynamic
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 40,000 Hz
  • Interface: 3.5mm wired
  • Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, consoles, devices with 3.5mm jack
  • Mic: Uni-directional
  • Design Style: Over-ear (circumaural), open-back
  • Microphone Type: Unidirectional

Build Quality

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset was released on September 19, 2023, with an open back, over-ear wired design, and its plastic-built aluminum frame makes it lightweight. It also has detectable audio cables and is significantly different from other headsets in the lineup.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset has circular earcups, which are quite large, measuring 3.78 inches in diameter and 0.85 inches in thickness. There are no earpads, but the ear cups are made of metal with a mesh triangular pattern. 

It has a 50 mm graphene driver, and the look is quite premium. The redesigning has made it fit against the plastic cover headband and fabric-covered padding. However, the look might appear to be cheap for some due to its black-and-white color base with a mix of silver and light gray. 

The interesting fact is that the headset has foam paddings that can be replaced, and the list includes logo plates, speaker tags, headband padding, earpads, etc. However, some users have reported that they find the headset quite shiny, plastic and cheap.

On the other hand, the metal mesh design feels attractive and sturdy with a geometric cut-out pattern. Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset is also quite comfortable and easily adjusted to the head side. The weight of 338 grams is quite light, not the lightest, though, but its clamping force is moderate, so you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it for longer hours. The larger earcups have an interior diameter of 2.5 inches and are soft and feel light and comfortable on the ear.

Audio performance

Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz with dynamic drivers of 50 mm. It has a wider frequency when compared with other headsets in this range. The headset is lightweight, rigid, and made of graphene, so there is less distortion and more precise sound produced. You get accurate detailing in the music and also sharp details in case of high ends.

The headset might not be so powerful in case of heavy bass, and we can call it a literally neutral sound profile. When you are playing games, then it performs extremely well. However, in the case of lower mids, the sound may be a little compressed. If you are playing action-based games, then you can clearly locate the gunshots and footsteps. 

Interestingly, the Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset does a fantastic job by producing multi-layer sound during any noisy game, such as animal noise, creaking buildings, etc. It is an open-back headset with the earcups open and the drivers are exposed. This would also prove to be beneficial during multitasking and specific gaming sessions.

Microphone quality

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset comes with two cables, one that is attached to the boom microphone and one that is without the boom microphone. It is usually present on the left audio cable, which has a unidirectional mic with a frequency response of 100 Hz to 10,000 Hz. It has a sensitivity of -41 decibels and sits perfectly on the gooseneck on the manual mic.

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset mic is present on the joint that connects the left audio cable and the mic arm. Thus, you get a good broadcast quality and good enough volume. If you want to enhance the audio volume, then you can use a third-party tool. However, it does not have built-in noise cancellation, so the background noises can be quite distracting.


You can get this Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset at a price of $200, which is quite cheaper when compared with other gaming headsets of the same brand. But, with similar features, you can also get a headset at a much lower price. Still, the Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset is a game-changer in gaming accessories. You can even get it at a much lower price if you buy the gadget during sale either online or offline. 


  • High-quality sound
  • High-quality build and design
  • Multi Platform compatibility
  • two connection cables


  • Higher price
  • Open design
  • Detaching boom mic

Is the Corsair Virtuoso Pro headset worth buying?

Overall, the Corsair Virtuoso Pro is a good gaming headset with the first one to have open back design, and the sound quality is also quite good. You would adore the highest solid makes. However, it might not have a powerful base, but the details are fairly accurate and directional. You can easily carry it around in the rigid case that comes along and has a detachable boom mic.

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