Can I Take A Bluetooth Speaker In Checked Luggage? (2023 New Rules)

According to TSA and FAA, you can carry Bluetooth speakers in both carry-on and checked luggage if fitted on the device, but the lithium metal content must not exceed 2g and for lithium-ion batteries, the watt-hour must not exceed 100 Wh (3.4 Ah).

Any spare batteries must be carried on carry on lu.

TSA Rule on Speakers

It is advisable to avoid placing the speaker in checked luggageYou can obviously carry it in your hand luggage.

The speaker contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which must never be stored in checked baggage but always in carry-on luggage. 

Incidents of lithium-ion batteries smoldering or igniting are rare, but products like hoverboards and Samsung Galaxy phones have demonstrated this risk. 

If a battery ignites in checked luggage, it could set the entire bag ablaze and potentially destroy the aircraft mid-flight. 

Therefore, when traveling with devices like Bluetooth speakers, electric toothbrushes, laptops, tablets, or cameras, ensure they or their batteries are in your cabin luggage.

Lithium batteries pose significant risks such as producing high levels of heat, ignition, short-circuiting easily, and leading to uncontrollable fires.

As a result, respected aviation authorities, including those in the USA, have banned the use of lithium batteries during travel.

TSA Rules on Bluetooth Speakers

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specific guidelines on bringing Bluetooth speakers onboard a plane.

According to their rules, passengers can bring these devices in both carry-on and checked baggage.

However, it is recommended to pack them in a carry-on bag, especially if they are portable and run on lithium-ion batteries.

The TSA also states that regular speakers are not prohibited, so they should pass through security checkpoints without issue.

In addition, the use of Bluetooth headphones is allowed on a plane, provided they are in airplane mode.

Overall, travelers can enjoy their music and sound systems while adhering to TSA regulations.

TSA Rule on Bluetooth Speakers

However, Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours are strictly restricted on checked-in luggage.

Are there any special requirements for packing a Bluetooth speaker in checked luggage, such as padding or a protective casing?

First, all lithium batteries, including the one in your Bluetooth speaker, must be removed before being checked in. 

It’s also important to remember that checked baggage can be handled quite roughly, so it’s a good idea to provide some padding or protective casing to prevent any damage to your speaker during transport. 

While there aren’t any official TSA requirements for packing a Bluetooth speaker in checked luggage, taking these precautions can give you peace of mind and ensure that your speaker arrives at your destination in one piece.

Can I take multiple Bluetooth speakers in my checked luggage or is there a limit?

Indeed, travelers can include several Bluetooth speakers in checked baggage. 

However, restrictions may apply based on each airline’s luggage rules. 

Consulting the airline prior to travel ensures weight and speaker quantity comply with their guidelines. 

Packing speakers cautiously helps avoid damage during transit. 

Remember, the TSA maintains ultimate authority on items passing through security, making it crucial to verify regulations before embarking on a journey.

Do Bluetooth speakers need to be declared at check-in or security when traveling with checked luggage?

The answer is no. 

You can take Bluetooth speakers in carry-on or checked bags without declaring them at check-in or security. 

Still, verify with your airline to confirm speaker compliance with their rules and permission on the aircraft. 

Packing your speaker in carry-on luggage helps prevent damage during transit.

What are the consequences of not following the rules for taking a Bluetooth speaker in checked luggage?

Abiding by rules for Bluetooth speakers in checked luggage is crucial to prevent undesirable outcomes. 

First, damage to the speaker during transit may incur a penalty for not adhering to TSA regulations in checked baggage, leading to an annoying and expensive ordeal. 

Furthermore, remember that most portable speakers are disallowed in checked luggage due to hazardous rechargeable batteries, potentially causing further airport delays and complications. 

Consequently, it is wise to consult the airline for the optimal approach when transporting a Bluetooth speaker. 

By following these straightforward guidelines, a seamless and trouble-free airport experience can be achieved.

Are there any size limitations for Bluetooth speakers in checked luggage, or can I pack any size speaker?

No particular dimension constraints apply to Bluetooth speakers in checked bags; however, consult your airline for potential luggage size limitations.

What should I do if my Bluetooth speaker is damaged or stolen from my checked luggage during travel?

Taking prompt action to report the incident to the airline before exiting the airport is crucial. 

Keep in mind that TSA officers have the final say on items allowed through checkpoints. 

As a result, packing valuables like Bluetooth speakers in carry-on or personal items can minimize risk. 

Purchasing extra valuation coverage for the protection of valuable belongings is advisable. 

Lastly, ensure proper packing of devices to safeguard against damage.


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