Are JBL Speakers Waterproof? The Ultimate Guide 2023

Yes, they are completely waterproof, but not every JBL speaker is waterproof. There are plenty of choices available with reliable waterproofing features.

Are you wondering if JBL speakers are waterproof? You’re in luck! We’ll look into the technical details of JBL. Then, we’ll know if these speakers are waterproof or not. Get ready to discover the answer and make an educated choice!

Are they waterproof?

Well, it depends. Not all JBL speakers are waterproof – some are made for different surroundings and can handle water exposure. Make sure to check the model you’re thinking of buying.

Pulse 3, JBL Flip 4 & 5, JBL Clip 2, and Charge 3 & 4 are waterproof speakers made for the outdoors. They are IPX7 rated, meaning they can stay submerged in 1-meter water for 30 mins (Flip 5) and an hour (Charge 4). Plus, they offer Bluetooth, 20+ hours of playtime, and JBL’s top-notch sound quality. So, if you want a dependable water-resistant speaker, these two are great options.

What Are JBL Speakers?

JBL is a renowned brand for top-notch speakers and sound systems. Their variety of products, from portable Bluetooth speakers to sound bars and studio monitors, offer customers different features and sound quality, making them stand out from other brands. With their modern tech and immense sound clarity, JBL speakers can bring life to music in any home.

When looking to buy JBL products, it’s necessary to think of their product specifications. Many of their Bluetooth speakers have IPX ratings for water resistance. This means they can withstand splashes or brief shallow pool submersion without harm. So, if you want an outdoor speaker that won’t be ruined by bad weather or accidental submersion, JBL speakers have got you covered!

Are JBL Speakers Waterproof?

JBL speakers may look attractive and convenient, but most are not waterproof. Some models are water-resistant, but they cannot be submerged. To find out more details about waterproof resistance, visit JBL’s website and view the product specs. Read the product descriptions carefully so you can get the right speaker for your lifestyle needs. Some models have the option of purchasing special enclosures for extra protection from water and other elements.

Reasons Why JBL Speakers Are Not Waterproof

JBL speakers are not officially waterproof. Even though some models may resist splashes or light rain, it is important to know water resistance classes. Weatherproofing only protects from light rain and splashing, not from submerging in water. Hydrophobic coatings may resist moisture better than normal speaker fabrics, but not enough for full waterproofing. Some models have openings that should not be exposed to more than light rain and splashes.

Rubber seals can provide better protection, but they can degrade over time. So, never submerge JBL speakers in water or expose them to heavy rainfall. When outdoors or near a pool, invest in a waterproof case or protective enclosure.

How to Protect JBL Speakers from Water Damage?

When shopping for speakers, you might have seen that many brands describe their audio equipment as “waterproof” or “water-resistant.” However, JBL speakers aren’t usually waterproof and won’t protect against water damage. To keep your audio equipment safe, you must take extra care when using your JBL speakers indoors or outdoors.

For outdoor use, get yourself a waterproof case to cover the speaker. Choose one with a zipper closure and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Moreover, pay attention to where you place them. Avoid putting them next to water sources, or in direct sunlight.

At home, always unplug your JBL speakers before cleaning. Especially if it involves water or liquids. Also, don’t leave them plugged in and unattended near water sources. It’s best to be safe, than sorry. Finally, use a high-quality surge protector to guard against power surges from ruining your device.

Following these tips will help extend the life of your speakers!

Alternatives to JBL Speakers

Searching for waterproof speakers, but the JBL models aren’t available? Don’t worry! There are other options out there. It all depends on your budget and needs. Look for a speaker with an IPX rating, which measures protection from dust and liquids. For full waterproof speakers, look for an IPX7 rating or higher. If you want water-resistant options, stick to IPX4.

If you’re looking for durability, get extra features like rubberized casings or reinforced bodies. For boating or floating, wireless models with built-in anchors are the way to go.

Bluetooth shower speakers are also an option, with suction cups so they can stick onto tiles. And if you’re tight on space, consider compact Bluetooth speakers that offer great sound.

To make sure you get the right product, read reviews online before making a purchase. It’ll save you money in the long run!


JBL is a trusty name in speakers. To know a speaker’s water resistance, check the IPX rating. A rating of 4 or below means not water-resistant. So, if you plan on submerging your speaker, check the IPX rating first. Get the protection you need!

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